What Is Menopause

Millions of women are affected by the symptoms of menopause every day. Menopause is a normal and natural process that causes many hormonal changes over a period of time. It can take 10 to 15 years to complete. Physical and emotional symptoms may cause a problem with hot flashes, difficulty in sleeping, irritability and a lack of energy to name a few. The discomforts of the transitional stages of menopause can reduce the pleasures women enjoy on a regular basis. Menopause is a transitional time that affects millions of women as they cease to menstruate. Symptoms are caused by the drop in estrogen output.These are some of the discomforts that are commonly associated with the onset of menopause: night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, and moodiness.

Menopause Reviews

Nutrapathic Post-Menopause Review

Nutrapathic Post-Menopause is an herbal dietary supplement that is designed to aid in hormone balance and bone health. It offers a variety of minerals and nutrients that may be beneficial for woman suffering the discomforts of post menopause. The changes in a woman’s body after menopause prevent it from breaking down and effectively absorbing calcium...+

NutriGold Menopause Support Formula Review

NutriGold Menopause Support formula is for the women who are battling through the inevitable process of menopause. It is a formula that contains isoflavones and horsetail extract. These provide women with the required nutrition and maintenance of minerals lost. It allows them to regain support to maintain a healthy and supported lifestyle through the exasperating...+

Options Healthy Woman Soy Menopause Review

Options Healthy Woman Soy Menopause Supplement is meant for women who are going through their menopause period. It is derived from natural ingredients. Its main ingredient is OptiSoy. It gives the right amount of quantity to the body which prevents menopause symptoms such as hot flashes or night sweats. It should be worth noting that...+

Progressive Health Balance Point for Women Review

Progressive Health Balance Point for Women for Menopause

We have taken the time to review a product the Progressive Health made called Balance Point for Women. The purpose of our examination is to find out everything about the product and share the information, enabling consumers to be educated about the product. The manufacturer made the product to help you balance estrogen levels, to...+

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Remifemin Review

Remifemin Review

Menopause is a natural part of life for all women. However, that does not make it any easier to overcome, especially if you are suffering from many symptoms. This review will take a look at one particular menopause supplement called Remifemin. This product claims to be clinically proven to reduce certain menopause symptoms such as...+

Research Verified MenoRelief Review

ResearchVerified MenoRelief Review

This article is a total product review for Research Verified MenoRelief. This supplement is one of the best currently on the market for treating the symptoms of menopause. It uses natural ingredients to reduce mood swings, fatigue, and hot flashes during the day, and night sweats and insomnia at night. It is even sold in...+

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Soy Care for Menopause Review

Menopause brings vast changes in the female body. This stage befalls when a woman enters her late 40’s or early 50’s. As the female body ages, it stops producing hormones. As these internal changes are occurring, they also bring a host of discomforting side effects like night sweats, hot flashes, fatigue, sleep disorders, anxiety attacks,...+

Terry Naturally Menopause Relief Review

Terry Naturally Menopause Relief Review

Terry Naturally Menopause Relief, an estrogen-free supplement claims to effectively deal with symptoms such as hot flashes, fatigue, and vaginal pain, irritability and night sweats that accompany menopause. Moreover, it is said to promote a healthy, balanced mood. Read our complete Terry Naturally Menopause Relief review below to discover more about this product and learn...+

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Walgreens Stay Cool Review

As the name suggests the very first purpose of this product is to help the body in minimizing the extreme hot flares women experience during menopause. It sustains a healthy hormonal balance and helps women sleep better indirectly and directly maintain a relatively calm and humble mood. Through these counter reactions it helps women feel...+

Wild Harvest Black Cohosh Review

Oregon's Wild Harvest Black Cohosh for Menopause

Today we review a product that Wild Harvest formulated called Black Cohosh. The reason for the review is to disclose all the facts about the product to consumers, so they can be informed of all the aspects before they decide to buy it. The product was designed to provide support for menopause and perimenopause and is...+

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