What Is Scar Removal

The skin is the largest organ of the body. It is your greatest protection against pathogens that can make you ill. If you’ve ever had an open skin injury, you probably noticed a scar after healing. Scars are part of the body’s healing process. Their visibility depends on several different factors including: nature of the injury, healing time, age, and race.

To many people scars can be embarrassing, painful and an unsightly condition. The healing process begins when blood starts clotting in the wound. The body then begins depositing a fibrous tissue called collagen to repair the broken skin. It’s much like our original skin, but laid out in a different pattern. Additionally, since this is new tissue, it takes on a different appearance than the original skin. The longer the healing process takes, the more collagen that is deposited and the more pronounced the scar becomes.

Scar Removal Reviews

Acdue by Omiera Review

This is a review of Acdue by Omiera.  Acdue by Omiera is a skin care product that claims to treat acne, reduce acne scars and reduce dark spots. Formulated by a team of physicians and pharmacists at Omiera Labs, Acdue contains natural ingredients to help promote good skin. Available in a cylindrical bottle, Acdue is...+

AcuScar Silicone Scar Gel Review

AcuScar Silicone Scar Gel is a scar treatment cream whose sole purpose is to reduce the appearance of scars, while reducing itching, redness, irritation and swelling. This product works on new and old scars alike.  It is designed to form a waterproof seal that will retain moisture  and protect the scar from environmental irritants. AcuScar Silicone Scar Gel is...+

Bio-Oil USA Scar Treatment Review

Bio-Oil USA Scar Treatment claims to improve the appearance of scar, yet honestly states that it cannot completely remove the scar.  This treatment is designed to only make the scar less noticeable. Bio-Oil USA Scar Treatment claims to have received 22 skincare awards and claims to be the number 1 skincare product sold since its 2002 launch in...+

BioCorneum Review

BioCorneum Review

Treating scars, especially old ones, can be hard. Scars develop when a wound through the process when a wound heals itself. Scar tissue is made from the same collagen as the tissue that it’s replacing but forms itself in a different patter, thus creating a visible difference in your skin. With so many different scar...+

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CVS Scar Gel Review

This is a review of CVS scar gel.  This product is designed to help reduce the appearance of unsightly scars which may have been caused by a variety of factors.  Many people try various home remedies and products to remove or reduce scars. Some people may even consider surgical scar-removal procedures.   For anyone who has trouble getting rid...+

Dermagist Scar Fading System Review

Dermagist Scar Fading System  claims to reduce the appearance of scars that are caused by acne.  This product claims, that by continuous usage, scars will gradually vanish and disappear altogether.  This product claims to contain no Hydroquinone, which they claim is being scrutinized closely for side effects. Ingredients Dermagist Scar Fading System lists the following ingredients:...+

DermaRestore Review

DermaRestore is an advanced breakthrough scar treatment options that is designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, imperfections, and scars by helping to restore the elasticity and texture of skin.  This can be beneficial because it leaves skin healthier and beautiful. Ingredients DermaRestore has limited information provided about product ingredients other than the product contains a highly concentrated...+

Embrace Active Scar Defense Review

Embrace Active Scar Defense Review

This Embrace Active Scar Defense review is going to take a closer look at the facts and details to learn more about how this scar treatment works and to see if it’s worth trying out for effective results. The manufacturer claims that their silicon strips feature unique, innovative technology that relieves tension which is the...+

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Kelo-Cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel Review

Kelo-Cote Advanced Formula Scar Gel Review

If you have tough surgical scars that you want to go away, you can use a silicon-based gel to improve and diminish the appearance of your scars, whether hypertrophic or keloid. You can use this quick-drying gel over your entire body, even in areas that are more difficult to treat like your face and arms....+

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Kinerase Scar Treatment Therapy Review

KINERASE SCAR TREATMENT THERAPY is non-greasy silicone gel,that forms a protective invisible barrier, that is clinically proven to help reduce and eliminate scars, both old and new by creating ideal conditions for collagen normalization.  This product is claimed to be recommended by plastic surgeons and dermatologists.  It is designed to help reduce: cosmetic procedures plastic surgery...+