Gehwol Gerlan Nailcare Review

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Gehwol Gerlan Nailcare Review - For Combating Fungal Infections
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Gehwol Gerlan Nailcare has been designed for your toe and finger nails for treating of mycosis while promoting nail growth. The concentration is made up of wheat germ oil that holds Vitamin E and other builder that consists of chamomile oils.

When taking a close look at the manufacturer’s resource site, it’s not that detailed as you would expect from a supplier providing you with a treatment to cure fungal infections. It only contains the basic information regarding the product and is imported from Greece.

This made us curious to find out if this product is worthwhile spending your money on and if there is any information from customers who have bought the product.


The treatment oil is supplied to you in an eyedropper type of bottle that holds .5 oz of the oil. It comes in a box with Greek and English inscription on it.

When taking a look at the ingredients we found the following:

The active ingredients

  • Bisabolol is used as an anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredient
  • Isopropyl Myristate usually used as a moisturizer derived from coconut oil
  • Isopropyl Palmitate also acts as a moisturizer taken from coconut oil
  • Wheat Germ oil is used to make your skin smooth and strengthen your nails


The only available information on the use of the treatment is that you need to rub the oil on your nails and surrounding areas. There is no information as to how long the product should be used or how many times a day it is required to be used.

*No warnings or side effects are noted by the manufacturer.


Gehwol Gerlan Nailcare cannot be bought from the manufacturer’s source website, but can be bought directly from Amazon and is usually sold for $34.27, at the present moment they are selling it at a discounted price of $19.98 and directly imported from Greece.


No guarantees are supplied by the producer of the treatment except for the Amazon guarantee provided. The only review that could be found had been one user advising that their Podiatrist recommended using it, advising that the product comes from Germany. So that makes you think that either the user had been paid to provide feedback or had reviewed on the wrong product.

Conclusion Of Our Gehwol Gerlan Nailcare Review

With all the research done on Gehwol Gerlan Nailcare we found no valuable information from users advising that the product really works. The lack of informative information on the manufacturer’s website does not provide future customers that they can be sure the product will treat and cure fungal infections.

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