Ayurleaf Herbals Hedonzal Review

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Ayurleaf Herbals Hedonzal Review - For Relief From Hemorrhoids
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A plain bottle. Simple lettering.  Ayurleaf Herbal Piles Care Supplement humbly touts a big promise: accelerated healing time for 2nd and 3rd degree hemorrhoids.  Ayurleaf claims its proprietary formula contains a unique blend of fiber rich herbs with a mild laxative effective for softer stools, so you start feeling better right away.

Ayurleaf’s Amazon website states that this product is a permanent cure and therefore has a large and extremely loyal customer following?  Really?

The Ayurleaf Amazon.in product listing identifies a “wonderful collection” of these nine herbs:

  • Suran or AmorphophallusCampanulatus
  • Limdo or MaliaAzadirachta Seeds
  • DaruHaldi or BerberisAsiatica
  • Sonamukhi or Cassia Angustifolia
  • Amlaki or PhylamthusEMblica
  • Kanchki or CaesalpeniaBonducella
  • Aritha or SapindusTrifoliatus
  • Baheda or TerminaliaBelerica
  • Harde or TerminaliaChebula

The percentage or amount of each ingredient is, apparently, part of the secret, proprietary mix.


The recommended dosage is 1-2 capsules, taken daily after meals. The need for  a healthy diet and exercise while taking this medication is also emphasized.  Side effects are difficult to discern because the amounts of the various ingredients are not listed so proceed with caution in this regard.

‘this precautionary warning does appear: ” Hedonzal should never be taken in an empty stomach as it would not be effective against Piles. Pregnant women should always consult doctors before consuming the medicine and young kids should not be given Hedonzal at all.”


Three bottles  of Hedonzalit costs $29.85, with 60 capsules per bottle (180-capsules total). These pills can be purchased in even larger quantities of up to twelve bottles. The offer of large quantity purchase suggests a long term usage committment unless you have a very large family that suffers from piles or, say it ain’t so–the product results are being oversold?!


 There is no money back guarantee for this product. If the product was available for a single bottle, perhaps the lower cost might be worth a try.  With 180 capsules as the minimum purchase requirement, the absence of a refund guarantee smells a bit fishy to us.

Conclusion Of Our Ayurleaf Herbals Hedonzal Review

More information may appear in time as this is a newly launched remedy.  Hopefully, informative customer reviews will, independently, start appearing soon.  Hopefully, too, the manufacturer will soon provide more specific ingredient information to satisfy a consumer who is being asked to ingest the product.  We don’t think that is too much to ask since the competition already does this.

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