Bernard Jensen’s Black Cherry Concentrate Review

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Bernard Jensen’s Black Cherry Concentrate for Gout Relief
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Bernard Jensen’s Black Cherry Concentrate Extra Quality is made with the use of a whole cherry, which includes the pit and the skin. This is believed to be one thing that makes it effective as it is able to maximize all of the nutrients found in cherry, specifically in terms of its ability to help in gout treatment. For a long time now, several studies have proven the claims that cherries are excellent sources of the nutrients the body need to fight gout. This product is in a viscous liquid form, which can be taken directly or be consumed as sweetener.


    • 100% Concentrate of Black Cherry: Being an abundant source of anthocyanin and antioxidant, this is the most important ingredient of this supplement. This allows the body to fight free radicals, which, in turn, will make the cells lesser prone into getting damaged.
    • Sodium: The high alkalinity of sodium makes it ideal in the treatment of gout.
    • Potassium: It aids in uric acid excretion, allowing the impurities to be more efficiently removed out of your system.
    • Magnesium: By being able to help in better blood circulation and heart function, this ingredient also helps relieve various gout symptoms.
    • Calcium: This is essential for the maintenance of healthier and stronger bones, which will help you fight pain and swelling associated with gout.
    • Other Ingredients: Aside from those that have been mentioned above, this supplement also contains fibers, sugars, protein, thiamine, niacin, and iron.


According to the manufacturer, two tablespoons of the supplement can be consumed daily on its own or be mixed with one cup of water. It can also be used as substitute to sugar as sweetener and can be mixed with any drink of choice.

Possible Side Effects

Cherry extracts are all-natural, which means there is no likelihood of having any significant side effects. Nonetheless, since the product is sugary and sweet, people with diabetes should be more careful and should watch out for their blood sugar regularly while taking the supplement.


The list price of this supplement is $17.89. If you buy from Vitacost, you can enjoy 25% discount, which means that each bottle will now be only $13.29. Each bottle of the supplement will be good for only around 16 days and its average monthly cost of its use will be $26.58. For a product using extracts of black cherry, this price is quite too much. Cheaper alternatives are available.


The manufacturer does not offer a satisfaction guarantee. There is also no information provided with regards to the assurance of its effectiveness and quality.

Conclusion Of Our Bernard Jensen’s Black Cherry Concentrate Review

While extracts of black cherry has been extensively studied and proven to be a good source of nutrients to avoid a variety of gout symptoms, this product comes with only such as its active ingredient, which may make the effects minimal. In this case, it is better to choose a supplement with multiple ingredients for a better mechanism to fight gout.

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