Blue Star Ointment Review

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Blue Star Ointment Review - For Combating Fungal Infections
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The medical name for ringworm is Tinea. The name ‘ringworm’ refers only to the appearance of this skin condition which leaves a red, scaly appearance that can be itchy and uncomfortable but it is actually caused by a fungus. One such cream which purports to be a remedy for this fungal skin infection which can occur anywhere on the body but most commonly appears on the feet, scalp and groin is Blue Star Ointment. Tinea of the feet is called Athlete’s Foot and tinea of the groin is called Jock Itch. The Blue Star formula has been around since 1920.

Ringworm is highly infectious but not life-threatening. However scratched or left untreated, it can lead to other bacterial infections. Blue Star Ointment is marketed as a maximum-strength cream that relieves the red, itchy, flaky patches that come with ringworm.


  • Camphor 1.24%
  • Benzoic acid
  • lanolin oil
  • methyl salicylate
  • mineral oil
  • paraffin wax
  • Petrolatum
  • salicylic acid
  • aloe vera

Camphor is a well-known topical treatment for itching, painful and dry skin conditions. It is also an antifungal. Together with the aloe vera, another antifungal and antibacterial, its anti-pathogen action should be strong. It is usually delivered to where it is needed on carrier oils, which is the case here too. Benzoic acid helps neutralize any infection as a result of bacteria, so it acts as a secondary line of defense while salicylic acid treats skin irritation and inflammation. This would support the aloe in its other function, which is that of an anti inflammatory.


Wash and dry the affected area as well as your whole body. It is important that the area is dried well. Apply a layer of ointment three times a day. To prevent infection, wash your clothing, linen and grooming utensils for up to 7 days post the infection to make sure you minimize the risk of reinfection. Infections that don’t go away after 4 weeks should be seen to by a doctor.

Possible Side Effects

You may feel a slight burning sensation after you’ve applied the ointment, which subsides. If you’ve not seen an improvement within 4 weeks, consult a doctor.


One 2oz tube retails for $8.91 on Amazon. A pack of 3 of these tubes sells for $20.70 on Amazon, representing a discount of about $7.

Guarantee & Feedback

Blue Star offers a 100% moneyback guarantee. However, no clear terms relating to the refund, such as the timeframe within which you should ask for one, are given. The ointment is rated favourably by consumers for ringworm, eczema and related dry skin conditions on both the manufacturer website and Amazon.

Our Conclusive Review About Blue Star Ointment

Camphor is a well-known, effective topical aid to a range of skin ailments. The price point of this cream makes it an attractive proposition, notwithstanding the lack of clear terms under which to invoke a refund. Aloe vera is another powerful natural ingredient which fights pathogens and soothes skin. All but people with the most sensitive skin should be able to safely use Blue Star Ointment.

Camphor is a broad-spectrum remedy which works for eczema, rashes, bites and a range of skin interruptions. If you’re looking for a more specific remedy to tackle the 119 strains of the  Trichophyton fungi causing ringworm, a clinical strength Undecylenic Acid cream is your best bet. When applying the ointment with your hands, there is also the risk of spreading it to other parts of the body. Therefore, well-formulated products with applicators represent the best course of action against reinfection.

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