Botanic Choice #739 Colon Clear Review

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Botanic Choice #739 Colon Clear Review - For Flushing And Detoxing The Colon
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This Botanic Choice Colon Clear review examines the claims of the manufacturer that this product might cleanse the intestinal tract, enhance nutrient absorption, ease gas and bloating, relieve occasional constipation, encourage proper digestion and speed up healthy elimination. The manufacturer claims that within a short time or use it will safely begin to refresh, gently cleanse and detoxify the colon with the end result being that the colon will be able to function in a healthy environment.


Main Ingredients:

Psyllium husk is a fiber that works to cleanse the lining of the colon and GI tract of impurities and waste. This product works gently and safely. Slippery elm is known as a digestive aid. Gentian root supports healthy digestion as well as aid the body’s ability to process food.

Other Ingredients:

  • Gelatin Capsule
  • Rice Flour

Gelatin is derived from pork or beef and contains protein and amino acids, gelatin is generally harmless and safe to consume. Rice Flour is used as a filler. We find that the manufacturer has failed to include clinically proven ingredients which might affect the outcome of the desired result.


As a dietary supplement, three capsules to be taken daily with a big amount of water.

Possible Side Effects

The consumer gives a warning that enough water must be taken when swallowing this capsule, the capsule might become swollen in the throat, if the consumer experiences any chest pain, vomiting, or difficulty breathing, immediate medical attention must be sought after.


One container of 180 capsules at a price of $19.00  available online directly from the manufacturer’s website. The manufacturer does offer discount prices.

Guarantee & Feedback

The manufacturer offers a 100% 365-Day guarantee, containers opened or unopened may be returned. If the consumer has purchased the item in bulk, then at least one of the containers must have been opened, or else the refund will not be valid. We have looked at some of the customer reviews and is pleased to say that they are good.

Our Conclusive Review About Botanic Choice #739 Colon Clear

In our review of  Review About Botanic Choice #739 Colon Clear we have found that the manufacturer offers a very good guarantee and that the consumer reviews are pleasing, however, the fact that the consumer has failed to include clinically proven ingredients in this product and the fact that the size of the capsule may cause life-threatening complications as it might get stuck in the consumers throat would cause us to not recommend this product.

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