Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturizing Cream Review

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Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturizing Cream Review - For Younger Looking Skin
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Today we review a product that Elizabeth Arden made called Visible Difference Moisturizing Cream. The claim that the manufacturer has made is that the product helps prevent moisture loss and maintains your skin’s optimal moisture balance as it targets dark circles under your eyes. The manufacturer’s goal is to create a global product that will satisfy everyone regardless of their location.


  • Retinol Linoleate.
  • Advanced Filagrinol Complex.
  • Peptides.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate.
  • Moisturizing Liposomes.

The benefit of Retinol Linoleate is that it softens the appearance of fine lines and provides the skin around your eyes a radiant look. The benefit of Advanced Filagrinol Complex is that it boosts your skin’s natural moisturizing factor and provides an influx of moisture to the delicate skin around the eyes. Peptides help to improve the elasticity, resilience and firmness, as well as increase collagen production.  The key ingredients that the manufacturer has excluded are Passion Flower and Alpenrose. The manufacturer has not distinguished between the active and inactive ingredients but should use at least 10% active ingredients, as well as 5 clinically proven patented ingredients.

How To Use

The only information that the manufacturer stated about usage is that consumers should pat the product onto the eye area. The important information that the manufacturer has failed to include is the amount of the product that consumers should use, as well as the frequency of use.


You can buy the product from the manufacturer’s website for $34. Shipping is included in the purchase price. The only consumers who get a discount are the ones who subscribe to the product.

Guarantee & Feedback

Consumers who do not see results from the product can send it back to the manufacturer to claim a refund. The guarantee period is valid for 30 days after purchase. We found several consumers who tried the product and were disappointed not to notice an improvement in their skin.

Our Conclusive Review About Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Moisturizing Cream

We are glad to see that the manufacturer has provided all the details about the product on its website. One of the flaws in the product is that it does not contain the vital ingredients needed to make the product potent. The manufacturer failed to include important ingredients such as Passion Flower and Alpenrose. The manufacturer should also use at least 5 clinically proven patented products. The manufacturer has offered a discount only to consumers who subscribe to the product and not to consumers who buy a single item. The product comes with a guarantee. Consumers have 30 days to return the product but have to follow strict steps to return the product to the manufacturer if they want a refund. We discovered several consumers who used the product and were unhappy with the results that the product produced. They said that they saw no visible change in the condition of their skin. We have found products on the market that contain all the crucial ingredients needed to make the product potent.

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