Elizabeth Grant Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Night Serum Review

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Elizabeth Grant Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Night Serum Review - For Younger Looking Skin
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A night serum should redouble the efforts of a day serum as far as hydration, collagen production and antioxidant properties go. You do not have to apply makeup over it, so the formula can be denser. We’re excited to review Elizabeth Grant’s Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Night Serum. The manufacturer says it will intensely hydrate, firm up and decrease the appearance of wrinkles across several layers.


  • Torricelumn
  • CoQ10
  • Collagen
  • Niacinamide (B3)
  • Algae extract

We’re delighted to see the inclusion of the last ingredient, algae extract. As far as antioxidants go, algae have some of the most potent. Always look for this in a great night serum. Collagen helps to plump and firm your skin. This is enhanced by the inclusion of COQ10, which boosts radiance and gives skin a younger glow. This, in turn, is aided by Vitamin B3 which boosts skin appearance on many levels and counters uneven pigmentation. Torricelumn is a proprietary moisture compound to plump your skin and it smoothes out fine lines.

Although this is a solid formula, nothing takes the place of Vitamin E as clinically proven. It has a multitude of regenerating and anti-aging properties. The formula contains Vitamin E, but not as a priority, featured ingredient, which does not go far enough. There is a further nutrient deficiency in this formula, and these nutrients are needed at the deep cellular level. Some major clinically proven ingredients which could have delivered these nutrients and are absent are jojoba oil, Alpenrose, and electric daisy flower.

How To Use

Place 1 to 2 drops onto your fingertips and gently massage it over your face and neck. Follow up with moisturizer.


You’ll pay $91 for a 45ml bottle. There are no discounts.

Guarantee & Feedback

There are no reviews for this product so it is not possible to say how the product works in reality. Unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee, which makes this purchase high risk. It also calls into question product efficacy. You can, however, return new and unopened items. If the manufacturer has sent you an incorrect product, you’ll also be able to claim the cost of return shipping.

Our Conclusive Review About Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Night Serum

We like that the manufacturer is cruelty-free and it is admirable that they partake in social outreach and give-back programs. There is at least one patent in this formula which indicates a solid level of research and formulaic refinement. The algae extract is also to be lauded.

On the patent front though, we don’t think that this serum goes far enough. Clinical tests have shown serums with a minimum of five patented ingredients to be the most effective. It means you are getting the highest quality, hardest-working ingredient forms to address a range of issues. Critically, we would also have liked to see vital nutrient inclusions from jojoba oil, Alpenrose and electric daisy flower as these have been shown to penetrate the deepest and deliver clinically more and superior nutrients to cells which nourish, help to reverse aging and help cells rebuild.

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