GSK Hydrozole Review

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GSK Hydrozole Review - For Reducing Symptoms Associated With Athletes Foot
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Hydrozole cream for Athlete’s Foot markets itself as being different to other antifungal products because it contains Hydrocortisone,which clears up the intense itch this fungal infection causes in addition to targeting the fungus via an antifungal ingredient.

Athlete’s Foot is known as tinea pedis. It is caused by a fungus, of which there are 119 variants. The fungus is difficult to eradicate completely as it can lie dormant for long periods, and this is why so many people experience reinfections. The fungus loves moist and dark conditions that are not airy. It is estimated that 15% to 20% of the global population suffers from fungal infections. The main symptoms of tinea pedis are an intense itch, red rash or flaky skin and sometimes even blisters. Secondary bacterial infections can occur.


The above two ingredients are the active ingredients. Hydrocortisone 1% is the active ingredient that treats the itch. As is evident, it is cortisone-based. Cortisone creams are broad-spectrum remedies that treat all kinds of topical skin afflictions from eczema and dermatographia to Athlete’s Foot. It stems the red inflammation and the itch. The antifungal is clotrimazole. It is a medical antibacterial and antifungal also often found in thrush medications.


Ensure your feet are clean and dry before rubbing in the cream, preferably twice a day, and allowing it to air dry first. Ensure your socks and shoes are clean, and that they are made of breathable fabric – the fungus loves air-deprived conditions. Make sure not to wear tight socks. Apply the cream for 7 days, and for at least another 7 days after the symptoms have disappeared.

Possible Side Effects

Very few people suffer from cortisone sensitivity but you should clear these ingredients as you should all others if concerned by speaking to a doctor or dermatologist. Stop using the product and consult a doctor immediately if you experience side effects. Do not consume the cream orally. You have to apply the cream with your fingers which means you risk spreading the infection if you are a man. You could, for example, get jock itch.


We could not find a definitive online price for this cream. That’s because it appears that you can only get Hydrozole from a pharmacist. Depending on where you live, you may need a doctor’s prescription as well. If you do find it online, it may be a generic or imitation but is highly unlikely to be authentic Hydrozole, unless the formula has changed.

Guarantee & Feedback

There does not seem to be a guarantee policy that is readily available. As the product is not meant to be sold online, this could explain why there is no returns policy. It could be that when purchased via a pharmacy either the manufacturer’s satisfaction or guarantee policy applies or there is a guarantee from the pharmacy regarding defective products, for example.

Our Conclusive Review About GSK Hydrozole

The formulation looks sensible, tackling as it does both the symptoms and the fungus itself. It is a medical-grade product and as such cannot be freely obtained, which is one of the drawbacks. We cannot recommend a product that isn’t freely available online. We have to question the overall cost of obtaining the product if a doctor’s script is required as it sometimes is, because this would then doubtless be more than the actual product itself. In this day and age of rising medical costs this cannot be justified for a condition such as Athlete’s Foot, which is highly treatable with non-prescription products. A product with undecylenic acid (the strongest we have seen is 25%) is sure to do the trick. We also find the marketing proposition that Hydrozole is one of the only creams treating the symptoms and targeting the fungus as we have come across numerous products with precisely this dual action. Yes, the infection can be stubborn, but there is no need for a prescription-grade product in all but the most severe and chronic if cases.

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