Just Potent Forskolin Review

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Just Potent Forskolin Weight Loss Supplement Review
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Today we review Forskolin manufactured by Just Potent. Forskolin is a natural herbal compound extracted from the roots of Coleus forskohlii. This product claims to burn fat, help build lean body mass and provide relief for various ailments in the human body. These conditions include allergies, eczema, psoriasis, obesity, IBS and sexual performance issues. So by taking this product you can lose weight and boost your overall health. If this sounds like something you might want to try, read the rest of our review below.


The main ingredient in this product is Forskolin extract standardized to 20% Forskolin. This ingredient is a powerful fat burner and thermogenesis booster. It helps people to lose weight by helping to create enzymes like lipase and adenosine that actively stop the formation of new fat cells. This product also contains no additional binders or fillers which means that you are only putting natural ingredients into your body.


It is recommended that adults take 1 capsule at least 30 minutes before breakfast and take another capsule 30 minutes before dinner.

Possible Side Effects

Forskolin does not have known dangerous side effects but it is advised that you do not exceed the recommended serving size. Keep this supplement out of reach of children and do not use it if the safety seal is broken or damaged. This product is also not intended for pregnant or nursing women. Please consult your doctor if you want to take this supplement but you are taking prescription medication or if you experience adverse reactions.


You can purchase this product directly from the manufacturer’s website. One bottle contains 90 capsules and costs $19.99. Standard shipping rates to anywhere in the US is free and they also welcome international orders.

Guarantee & Feedback

The manufacturer does claim to have a guarantee but fails to mention the validity period of the guarantee. They will happily return any product you ordered and refund you, except if you already opened the product. They may then charge you with a restocking fee of $5 – $10 per item or 10% of the value of the item. The overall reviews regarding this product are quite bleak. Around 32% of customers gave this product a 1-star rating and stated that it did not help them to lose weight at all. One customer also complained that this product gave her constant diarrhea.

Our Conclusive Review About Just Potent Forskolin

We like that this is a natural product that only incorporates natural ingredients without binders or fillers. We also like that you do not have to pay extra shipping fees if you currently reside in the US. However, we are disappointed when it comes to this product’s guarantee policy. This manufacturer provides very limited information regarding the return and also refuses to pay back your money if you already opened the bottle. This will make it very hard for new customers to give this product a chance. The negative reviews on Amazon also left us with some concerns regarding the effectiveness of this product and if it will truly work for everyone.

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