Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum Review

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Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum Review - For Younger Healthier Looking Skin
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Today we shine a spotlight on Vitamin A Night Serum by Mayella. As the serum centers around Vitamin A, it targets oily and problem skin, even if this is not made abundantly clear. We review this line item infused with jasmine, lavender, and bergamot to see if it can offer the kind of complete and intense skincare that a night serum should. The manufacturer says it is packed with antioxidants and can really regenerate skin that looks a bit dull, lined and tired.


The featured ingredients are:

Vitamin A is a powerful anti-inflammatory used to clear skin debris and other buildups from pores, and to clear oil and acne-prone skin. As such, it dries out your sebaceous glands. We would expect a higher emphasis on the clinically proven Vitamin E for its non-irritating, regenerative and collagen-producing properties instead, but Vitamin E is absent. Bergamot is an antiseptic which also helps to clear congestion. Lavender has soothing and healing properties and Jasmine is used to boost hydration. Instead of these various potentially irritating agents, we would have preferred to see the rich antioxidant qualities drawn from algae instead. The product lacks enough hydration according to this formula, and also essential cell repair and nourishing elements. Unfortunately, clinically proven ingredients such as Alpenrose, electric daisy flower, and jojoba that could have delivered deep nourishment have not been included.

How To Use

No easily accessible usage instructions were available that we could find. This is a pity as how you use a product can affect how well it works. Since it is a night serum, we advise applying it to a clean visage at night, massaging gently. You should be able to apply moisturizer afterward.


You’ll pay $32 for a 15ml bottle. There is an option to pay off the bottle in 4 installments of $8. There are various sizes. The biggest is a 100ml bottle. It costs $156 and you can also pay it off in four fortnightly installments. However, do make sure of shipping costs first as the manufacturer is Australian. If you order for over $150, free shipping applies.

Guarantee & Feedback

As with usage instructions, we could find no clear guarantee policy or consumer feedback of how the serum fairs in practice. This detracts immensely from the confidence the manufacturer says it has in its serum.

Our Conclusive Review About Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum

The serum is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. There is no cGMP certification though so the ingredients may have been slightly changed or altered during production as a result of the manufacturing process itself. The option to buy the serum over four after-payments helps consumers.

We find the emphasis on Vitamin A rather than Vitamin E (and C) severely narrows down the working of the serum and its ability to stimulate collagen growth. Vitamin A dries out all skin and cell moisture barriers and this is why the manufacturer correctly advises that you should not take this product during pregnancy or if you are attempting to conceive. Also, be advised that Vitamin A makes your skin more sun sensitive, so wear sunscreen during the day. More intense forms of moisture should have been added to this product, as well as medical-strength silicone to seal it in. The missing clinically proven ingredients of jojoba, electric daisy flower, and Alpenrose, among others, would have gone a long way towards providing intense missing nourishment. This product is best suited to you if you have oily, problem skin. You should avoid Vitamin-A intense products if you have sensitive but otherwise clear skin.

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