Milani Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper Review

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The following review is for a product called Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper. According to the manufacturer this non-sticky, lightweight formula seals in moisture in order to plump the appearance of your lips. In this review, we list the facts to see if the manufacturer lives up to its claims about the product.


Synthetic Beeswax is useful for dry skin and chapped lips. Castor Seed Oil hydrates chapped lips as it penetrates deep into the skin tissue in order to moisturize the lips. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which will help to reduce pain and redness associated with sunburnt and chapped lips.

We find it quite concerning that there are very few active ingredients included in this formula. In order for a formula to truly be effective, it should contain at least 10% active ingredients – which is definitely not the case for this product. It also does not seem like this product contains any clinically proven ingredients, which we also find a bit worrying.

We lastly also find it concerning that it doesn’t seem like Milani’s products are animal-friendly or suitable for vegans.

How To Use

The applicator should be glided across the lips in a crisscross pattern. Try to exfoliate lips before using this product in order to ensure smooth application. The manufacturer does not make it clear how often the product should be applied. This might cause customers to apply it more than allowed.


Keep It Full can be purchased for $9.00 – we find this to be quite affordable. They are not offering any discounts or bulk purchasing options at this stage.

Guarantee & Feedback

If you are unhappy with your purchase, Milani will exchange or refund your product within 30 days after the purchase has been made. The unused portion of the item can simply be sent back. They are not very clear about in what shape the product should be in for this offer to be valid and whether the offer is also valid for empty containers.

There are many positive consumer reviews available for this product, but there are also a few negative ones. Some clients mention that the product does not do much for plumping and another client mentions that all Milani’s products cake up in the corner of her mouth.

Our Conclusive Review About Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper

We find that this product is really affordable at $9.00 and we like the fact that the manufacturer offers a 30-day money back guarantee even for containers that have been opened.

We don’t like the fact that Milani’s products are not animal-friendly or suitable for vegans. We also find it concerning that there are very few active ingredients included in this formula and that it further does not contain any clinically proven ingredients. This can definitely influence the effectiveness of this lip plumper.

We also find it concerning that the usage instructions are not clear in terms of how often the product should be used and we don’t like the fact that there are quite a few negative consumer reviews available.

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