Natrogix Natural Ultra Pure Melatonin Review

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Natrogix Natural Ultra Pure Melatonin Review - For Restlessness and Insomnia
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If you have ever found yourself having difficulty falling asleep, waking up and having a hard time falling back to sleep or waking up too early and not being able to go back to sleep, it may mean that you are suffering from a common condition called insomnia. There are many different sleep aids you can try to better your sleep. This Natrogix Natural Ultra Pure Melatonin review is going to take a closer look at information like the ingredients, price and guarantee to learn more about how this product works and to see if it’s worth trying out for effective results. The manufacturer claims that their supplement has a high potency of melatonin, can help build your circadian rhythm, can help build your immune system and reduce your anxiety.


The only primary ingredient in this supplement is melatonin. Every softgel contains a 5 mg serving. The additional ingredients include Soybean oil, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Beeswax and Purified Water. Melatonin is a hormone that is found naturally in your body. It works by regulating your body’s sleep-wake cycle. Light decreases your body’s melatonin levels and darkness increases it. Adding melatonin to your diet is believed to make it easier to fall asleep and have deeper sleep.


You are instructed to take one capsule daily. For best result stake the capsule with a meal or as directed by your health care provider. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Natural Ultra Pure Melatonin is not meant for children eighteen years or younger or pregnant or nursing women.

Possible Side Effects

Although the manufacturer does not list any possible side effects, we found common side associated with melatonin to include headache, depression, daytime sleepiness, dizziness, stomach cramps and irritability.


Natrogix Natural Ultra Pure Melatonin is available to purchase exclusively from third-party retailers. The manufacturer has a link to purchase this product from Amazon but at the time we checked, it was currently unavailable and we were unable to find it available to purchase anywhere else online. The manufacturer lists one 120-capsule bottle to cost $16.99 but we were unable to verify this quote.

Guarantee & Feedback

We were unable to find any mention of a manufacturer’s guarantee and it appears that they do not offer one. The consumer feedback we saw throughout our research is mixed. While some consumers were satisfied, many reported that this product is cheap and does not work. It is worth noting at this point that there are many fillers and binders in included in addition to the melatonin which take away from the product’s purity.

Our Conclusive Review About Natrogix Natural Ultra Pure Melatonin

Natrogix Natural Ultra Pure Melatonin appears to be decent. It contains the recommended amount of melatonin and it comes it comes in easy to take capsules for convenience. However, while this supplement does have a decent amount of melatonin, it also contains several fillers and binders that detract from the product’s purity and efficacy. Furthermore, this product is not backed by a manufacturer’s guarantee which means that if you purchase this supplement and are dissatisfied in any way, you cannot get your money back from the manufacturer, no matter the circumstances. The lack of a manufacturer’s guarantee also implicates that the manufacturer is lacking confidence in their product’s ability. With so many different sleep aids available, you are better off choosing one that is pure, with few, if any, fillers and binders and one that is backed by a strong manufacturer’s guarantee.

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