Nutrition Breakthrough Sleep Minerals II Review

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Nutrition Breakthrough Sleep Minerals II Review - For Restlessness and Insomnia
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This is a review of an insomnia product called Nutrition Breakthrough Sleep Minerals II. This supplement claims to be one of the most effective insomnia remedies, offering an all-natural solution that supports relaxation, calmness, and deeper sleep. This review shall assess all aspects of this natural sleep remedy to help you decide if it is, in fact, the most effective insomnia supplement available on the market.


  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc

Calcium is directly related to sleep cycles, supporting the brains secretion of sleep-inducing melatonin. Insomnia and anxiety are often a result of a magnesium deficiency, as this micronutrient has been known to support deep, uninterrupted sleep and promote calmness. Zinc is known to support the immune system and muscles while managing and improving sleep. These ingredients have been said to be formulated with carrier oils to promote the bioavailability of the key ingredients. However, this formula does seem to be missing other key natural ingredients used in competing brands; such as chamomile and melatonin. This may impact the efficacy of the performance of the product. It is pleasing to note that this product was manufactured in a GMP certified facility, however, this alone cannot confirm the effectiveness of a product.                                             


To take this product as a dietary supplement, take 1 softgel with water 30 minutes before bed. These substances will need to build up in the system, so if you feel that 2 capsules are required – up the dosage after 1 week. For best results, use for an extended period of time. This product only contains 10 mg of zinc, which is substantially lower than competing brands that provide 50 mg per serving. Furthermore, there is no melatonin – of which brands include up to 6 mg per serving.

Possible Side Effects

If drowsiness, restlessness, or loose bowels are experienced – the manufacturer suggests reducing the dosage. Softgels can be bitten in half and spread in food. Be sure to consult with your physician before taking this supplement. Wait 2 hours before or after taking any other supplements as this may cause complications.


A bottle of Sleep Minerals II can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s website. 1 bottle contains 120 softgels (lasting up to 3 months) and retails for $25,95. There appear to be no discounts or package offers available. While this product may be relatively affordable; the lack of concentration of key ingredients is a concern and may require a longer period of use to showcase effective results.

Guarantee & Feedback

There is no manufacturer’s guarantee available for this product – which is a concern as it showcases a lack of confidence in the efficacy of this product, as well as a lack of support for potential customers. There are positive reviews that have been curated on the Nutrition Breakthrough website; however, we found negative reviews on unregulated third-party sites. These customers were complaining that the product was ineffective, while others stated that they experienced unwanted side effects such as lethargy and headaches.

Our Conclusive Review About Nutrition Breakthrough Sleep Minerals II

This product contains a variety of ingredients that have been known to positively influence insomnia as well as manufactured in a GMP certified facility. This is further influenced by the very affordable price. However, the lack of concentration of key active ingredients is a concern and may imply that the product would have to be used for a longer period of time to receive the same results as competing brands. It is unfortunate that there is no manufacturer’s guarantee available. For these reasons, combined with poor customer reviews, support our decision to not recommend Nutrition Breakthrough Sleep Minerals II as the insomnia supplement of choice.

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