Relief Factor Review

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Relief Factor Review - For Healthier and Stronger Joints
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Relief Factor is a natural, research-based formula that helps fight body inflammation that could lead to muscle and joint pain. This helps decrease any discomfort and support healthy joints and muscles. The question now is whether or not this product will work for you.

Check out our Relief Factor review to help you determine whether it is worth your money.


These ingredients are potent antioxidants that help minimize inflammation in your body. They also promote and support healthy inflammatory balance to reduce pain associated with inflammation.


According to its website, Relief Factor must be taken depending on the condition causing your pain and inflammation, metabolism, and your inflammatory response. Nonetheless, they suggest you start with three packets a day, every morning, afternoon, and evening, with each packet containing two softgels and two capsules. It is best to take them with meals for better absorption.

In the case of severe pain, take four packets a day and slowly reduce it to two to three packets a day. Nonetheless, it is important to consult your doctor first before taking anything for safety precautions.


A 60-packet supply costs $49.95 plus $6.95 for shipping and handling costs when you buy online from the manufacturer.

Relief Factor offers a three-week supply for $19.95, excluding shipping and handling fees. You also get free access to their “Guide to Living Free” program for tips, recipes, and lessons to help you fight inflammation. If you opt for this, you will automatically receive the 60-packet supply. While this sounds good, the $19.95 is only a one-time fee and you will be charged with almost $60 the next time – every month.

If you opt for “as needed only,” they can charge you with a higher cost.

Guarantee & Feedback

Relief Factor offers a money back guarantee, however, the policy is unclear. Per their website, simply write “refused” on the outside of the white mailing package and mail it back to them at the return address indicated on their website. Once they receive it, they will offer a refund minus the shipping costs.

Here’s the thing: they will only accept returns on items with the blue and green bag still intact, unopened, and unmarked. It is also unclear as to when they will allow a refund.

Unlike other products, Relief Factor has limited reviews.

Our Conclusive Review About Relief Factor

Overall, Relief Factor has commendable points such as pure and natural ingredients and going the distance for providing consumers with a treatment to relieve joint and muscle pain brought on by inflammation.

On the other hand, there are some issues with this product. The auto-subscription can be expensive and if you only want to purchase when needed, you will be charged with a higher price. There is limited information on their refund policy is as well. In terms of reviews, not much has been said about the product. Since you can only purchase Relief Factor directly from the manufacturer, the only reviews you can get are the ones published on their website, which are mostly positive. The number of tablets you have to take a day may also prove to be problematic.

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