Research Verified CLA Review

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Research Verified CLA Weight Loss Supplement Review
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Research Verified CLA is one of our favorite CLA products available to date. It offers consumers the chance to lose belly fat, tone muscle and increase overall lean muscle mass. It helps fight flab and maintain weight loss for long lasting results. On top of all of this, it comes in an easy to swallow softgel capsule that boosts both immunity and metabolism, two key factors in leading a healthy lifestyle in a healthy weight range.


Research Verified CLA contains 2000mg of 85% active CLA in each serving (two softgels). The CLA is derived from safflower oil. The other ingredients are merely there to make up the coating of the softgel and are gelatin, vegetable glycerin, natural caramel color, titanium dioxide color and purified water. The softgels should be safe for most users as they do not contain any artificial preservatives or colors.


Each Research Verified CLA softgel contains 1000mg of CLA to ensure that the recommended daily dosage of 2000mg is met when consumers ingest two softgels each day. The softgels can be taken separately, one in the morning and one in the evening, or both at the same time, although it is not stated if one method is more effective than the other. Consumers under the age of 18, those with underlying medical conditions, and pregnant and nursing women should seek medical advice before using the supplement.


Research Verified CLA can be purchased in amounts that equate to a one month supply, a three month supply, or a six month supply. Naturally, the price per bottle is reduced when buying in bulk. A one month supply will set consumers back $48, yet they can halve this price by purchasing six bottles at once. With the price per bottle being reduced to only $24 per bottle, it is an economical way to lose weight and tone muscle.


Consumers who wish to try Research Verified CLA can do so without the worry of losing money. Research Verified offer consumers an extensive 365-day money back guarantee policy, which certainly helps to alleviate any hesitation when purchasing the product. There is also a customer service number to call if you have any questions about the product, or if you are unhappy and wish to return the product. You can also speak to someone via e-mail correspondence.

Conclusion Of Our Research Verified CLA Review

Overall, Research Verified CLA provides consumers with a natural softgel that meets all the guidelines for a CLA product to be effective. It contains 85% active CLA, which ranks in highly against other products on the market and consumers will meet the recommended 2000mg daily dosage if they use the product correctly. The length of the money-back guarantee promotes the manufacturer’s confidence in the product, and consumers can take advantage of the discounted bulk buying prices without fear of losing their money should they find the supplement unsatisfactory.

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