Research Verified Holy Basil Review

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Research Verified Holy Basil Review - For Improved Overall Health
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This is a product review for Research Verified Holy Basil Extract. The widespread research conducted during this review found out that this product is an effective dietary supplement that meets the required standards. It helps to combat stress. Other benefits include improved digestive health, enhanced immune system, and normalized blood sugar. Read further to know how this product can be beneficial to your health.


Holy Basil Extract (100 percent pure) is the key ingredient used to manufacture this supplement. This extract has been standardized to 2.5 percent Ursolic Acid, the key active ingredient in the supplement. This acid is known for its ability to relieve stress among other benefits. The capsules are 100 percent vegetarian. The manufacturer has not included any binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients in the product.


The recommended dosage is two capsules every day. In order to achieve maximum effectiveness, it is advisable to take one capsule twice a day. These capsules should be taken half an hour before meals with eight ounces of water. Each capsule weighs 500mg meaning that the daily dose weighs 1000mg. One bottle contains 60 capsules meaning that it can provide a full dose for 30 days. The manufacturer warns users against exceeding the recommended dosage. Moreover, nursing or pregnant women should consult a physician before using this product. The same applies to persons under 18 years of age and people with known health conditions.

Possible Side Effects

One of the remarkable facts about this product is that it is risk-free. The product is safe for consumption and there are no side effects based on the information given by the manufacturer.


The manufacturer offers the product at different prices depending on the package you choose to purchase. One bottle for a month’s supply costs $48 on the manufacturer’s official site. The price of three bottles is $33 per bottle while six bottles cost $24 each. The manufacturer recommends the 6-bottle package.


All products purchased from Research Verified come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. If the product fails to meet your expectations, you have up to 365 days to return it and get all the money you spent on it. This is the best satisfaction guarantee because most manufacturers offer a satisfaction guarantee that lasts for less than a year. It assures potential users that this product is the best. This Research Verified review shows the lengths this manufacturer goes to, make their customers happy. We were unable to find any valid customer reviews for this product at the time of this review. Customer reviews are important because they enable potential buyers to make choices depending on the experiences of those who have already used the product.

Conclusion Of Our Research Verified Holy Basil Review

In summary, we believe that this product is effective based on several factors. First, the product contains 100 percent pure Holy Basil and has no contaminants. Furthermore, the capsules are 100 percent vegetarian and have no side effects. Therefore, this product is safe for consumption. Additionally, the manufacturer offers a satisfaction guarantee that most manufacturers do not offer. A prolonged guarantee period increases the confidence of potential consumers. Users can also buy the product at a low price if they buy in bulk. Consumers can also trust this product based on the positive reputation of the manufacturer. Another product from this company that could be taken as a companion to Research Verified’s Holy Basil Extract is Turmeric. For more on this and all its benefits, see Research Verified Turmeric review.

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