Proactive Nutrients Green Coffee Bean Review

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Proactive Nutrients Green Coffee Bean Weight Loss Supplement Review
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This review will take a closer look at Proactive Nutrients Green Coffee Bean, a product that is designed to help those who want to lose fat and weight. The manufacturer claims that this product promotes the loss of belly fat and weight, and it also increases metabolism and suppresses appetite. Furthermore, the manufacturer claims that it has proven to burn both sugar and fat.


Green Coffee Bean Extract is the only active ingredient in this supplement. Other ingredients are Gelatin, Silicon dioxide and Dicalcium phosphate.

The active ingredient is known for its ability to burn simple sugars in your liver, preventing sugar from penetrating your bloodstream, decreases and removes fat cell generation, increases energy, and improves the feeling of fullness.


We could not find any information relating to dosage instructions of this product. The only information that we could find was that each serving is 2 capsules.

Possible Side Effects

There are no side effects indicated by the manufacturer about this product. However, caffeined contained in  it can cause insomnia, upset stomach, nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate and others.


The price of the product is not indicated on the manufacturer’s website. We also checked one of the online retailers that the manufacturer claims you could buy it from. However, we could not find it on this retailer’s website either. It is not clear where one can buy this product. The price is also unknown.

Guarantee & Feedback

The manufacturer states that they provide you with a money-back guarantee. However we did not find anything indicating the period of the guarantee, which is not helpful for the consumers. Lack of guarantee shows that the manufacturer lacks confidence on the effectiveness of their product. There are also no consumer reviews available on the manufacturer’s website.

Our Conclusive Review About Proactive Nutrients Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean is known to be effective in weight loss. Therefore, it is possible that Proactive Nutrients Green Coffee Bean might also be effective. We like that the manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee. However, they did not indicate how long it is, so it is the same as having no guarantee at all. Another thing that we are worried about is that we could not find out where you could buy this product. It is not sold through the manufacturer’s website. It is also not sold by the third-party retailer that the manufacturer claims you could get it from. There is no price of the product, there are also no instructions on how to use it. Lastly, there is not even a single consumer review on it. Without consumer reviews, you cannot know whether or not the product has worked for others. Also, without instructions, you could end up overdosing the supplements, which could result in serious side effects, or you could take less and end up not benefiting from it. The lack of clear information about money-back guarantee is not good. Rather look for a product that has a money back-guarantee, and clear instructions on dosage and use.

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