Cooper Complete Quick Release Melatonin Review

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Cooper Complete Quick Release Melatonin Review - For Relief From Jetlag
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Jet lag occurs when the body’s natural sleep-wake pattern is thrown out of synch. These patterns are called circadian rhythms and operated on a 24-hour internal body clock. The body responds to various stimuli. It will throw your body out if, for example, your body is expecting darkness at 8pm and wants to start activating the sleep cycle. However, you get off the plane only to find that while it is 8pm in your original departure city, it is midday and broad daylight where you’ve landed – the body is expecting one signal but gets another.

Today we review Cooper Complete Quick Release Melatonin as a sleep aid specifically to combat travel fatigue or jet lag. Studies have shown that melatonin supplementation reduces how long your body needs to restore a normal sleep pattern. Travelers took melatonin on the day of travel near to bedtime in their landing destination and for several days thereafter. Melatonin seemed to provide benefit for half the participants in the study.


  • Melatonin 3mg
  • Cellulose
  • Fructose
  • dicalcium phosphate
  • vegetable stearate

3mg is the recommended dose daily as anything higher than this could interfere with your sleep-wake patterns to an unhealthy degree and need reversing. It also contains digestive enzymes. This is important as sugar and carbohydrates can induce sleepiness, but at the wrong time, post-meals. Also, enzymes help you digest your food better so you get nutrients such as magnesium which naturally give you a good night’s rest.


Take one tablet at night before going to bed. 3mg is a standard dosage.

Possible Side Effects

Testosterone and estrogen metabolism may be affected as melatonin is a hormone. Therefore do not take it if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive. Do not take these tablets while driving or operating heavy machinery. Speak to your physician first if you are a diabetic, have low blood pressure (naturally or through medications), or are taking blood thinning medication.


A bottle of 60 tablets sells for $12.98 on the product website. There do no appear to be bulk buying discounts. It is about 30% more expensive on Amazon.

Guarantee & Feedback

We couldn’t find trustworthy independent consumer reviews on impartial websites from those who have tried it but on the manufacturer’s website, the reviews are positive. The manufacturer has a money back guarantee which means you can return the tablets if you’re not happy with them. The time period within which this return must be made is not stipulated though.

Conclusive Review About Cooper Complete Quick Release Melatonin

The formulation is sensible with neither too much or too little melatonin. The addition of enzymes makes sense as it will not only aid post-food slumping but help you absorb nutrients beneficial to sleep in the long term. The tablets are quick release which mean that they readily release melatonin to help you sleep quickly.

As with any formulation, it works differently for everyone. If you are prone to insomnia you may find this average dose is not working for you, in which case look for a supplement with the average dose, plus magnesium and herbal sleep aids such as valerian root.

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