GarciBurn Garcinia Cambogia Review

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GarciBurn Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Supplement Review
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Today we review GarciBurn, a garcinia Cambogia supplement by NutraDiscounts. Garcinia Cambogia is a South Asian fruit. Hydroxicitric acid (HCA), an extract from its rind, is thought to aid in weight loss by promoting the burning of fat while suppressing appetite and increasing energy. NutraDiscounts claims GarciBurn will control appetite, burn fat, boost metabolism, and may improve mood by increasing serotonin levels.


The primary Ingredients include 1400 mg of Garcinia Cambogia Extract, standardized to contain 95% HCA. The product also includes potassium, calcium (as calcium carbonate), and chromium (as amino acid chelate). The ingredients in this product are simple, with no added fillers, colorants, or flavorings. However, the calcium troubles us. While essential for good health, this mineral can impede the action of the hydroxycitric acid and should not be taken in conjunction with it. Consider taking a separate calcium supplement at different time of day.

It pleased us to see that the manufacturer chose vegetable sources for the capsule ingredients, thus making this supplement accessible to vegetarians and vegans.


The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules 20-30 minutes before a meal once daily. While the 95% hydroxycitric acid level pleased us, we find the total does a little low.  Studies show 1600mg of Garcinia Cambogia Extract to be the ideal amount for optimum effects.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer listed no side effects.  However, they do note that nursing or pregnant women and individuals under the age of 18 should consult a physician before taking the supplement. They urged similar caution for those on prescription medication or with an underlying medical condition.

General side effects of HCA are fairly mild and may include nausea, headaches, and digestive discomfort.


Apparently, NutraDiscounts sells GarciBurn only through their website.  At the time of this writing, one bottle of 90 capsules cost $49.95. They give discounts for bulk buying, selling three bottles for $149.95 and four bottles for $195.00.  This seems to be somewhat more expensive than average for high concentrate HCA Garcinia Cambogia products.

Guarantee & Feedback

NutraDiscounts offers no guarantee, only a 30-day refund for unopened products.  We find the return process unnecessarily complicated. The consumer must first contact customer service and receive an authorization number to place on the return package.  It must then be mailed to the fulfillment center within 30 days of original purchase. Finally, the consumer must contact customer service again to confirm the receipt of the return. Only then will the refund be issued, less a $5.95 restocking fee, for each unit returned.

A good guarantee reflects a company’s faith in its product.  Lacking such leads us to doubt the efficacy of GarciBurn.

We found no consumer feedback for this product.

Our Conclusive Review about GarciBurn Garcinia Cambogia

We like some things about GarciBurn. The ingredient list does not contain fillers, colorants, or flavorings. It also contains the preferred 95% HCA concentration. Bulk buying earns significant discounts which is also a plus for a product that you generally take for longer than a month.

We found some problems as well. The formula contains calcium, a substance known to hinder the action of HCA. Also, the somewhat weak dose means a less efficacious product. The lack of guarantee also limits customer confidence. Finally, the complicated return process stymies unsatisfied consumers who wish their money returned.  After considering all this, we think there are other effective supplements on the market that come backed with encouraging guarantees.

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