HemTab Review

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HemTab Review - For Relief From Hemorrhoids
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We’re not sure how much product packaging and design counts when selecting a hemorrhoid relief product.  If package design matters, HemTab might win the race.  Whether it can sustain a real marathon depends on performance.  HemTab contains a propriety combination of prescription strength ingredients that work together, or promise to, to shrink hemorrhoid tissues rapidly.  Manufactured per FDA standards, HemTab promises that it will start working immediately and completely cure you within 5 days. If that’s true, why do you need a bottle doses for more than a 5-day period?

HemTab lists only  contains these “active” ingredients:

  • Witch Hazel Leaf – strengthens veins and has anit-inflammatory properties
  • Horse Chestnut Leaf – improves vein ‘bend’  and tone; improves circulation
  • Ginger Root – encourages gentle, cleansing contractions in the digestive system
  • Blonde Psyllium – increases  stool volume for more comfortable bowel production
  • Hesperidin – re-inforced hemorrhoidal veins
  • Diosmin – aids in hemorrhoid treatment, particularly as a vascular protector

The percentage content of each ‘active’ ingredient is conspicuously missing.


Also missing, at least on website dedicated to reviewing Hem Tab is the dosage recommendation.  One can only hope (assume?) that this information is provided on the actual bottle.  But why the big secret?

Side-effects can include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Upset stomach

 Witch hazel and horse chestnut leaf, two of the main ingredients, offer known  risks of vomiting and upset stomach.   Hesperidin may trigger  side effects such as abdominal pain, diarrhea, and nausea. Some consumers of blond psyllium have experienced severe hypersensitivity reactions. Anyone with allergies to latex must not take supplements containing horse chestnut without consulting a medical professional. If you have diabetes, then you must check your blood sugar level regularly when taking this medication.  Horse chestnut can decrease blood sugar level and can only be taken with other medications upon thorough professional review and advice.


There are different supplies of Hem Tab depending on the severity of your personal need. The most popular seller is  the rapid healing package, which is two cycle treatments, available at $89.50. There is no clear indication about the number of pills per bottle and we couldn’t tell from just looking at the picture.


A 120 day money-back guarantee is offered with the HemTab product. Here’s what we don’t get:  if the product works reliably within 5 days why do you need 120 days?  Is this just a big and generous company?  Maybe.

Conclusion Of Our HemTab Review

As HemTab is exclusively available online through website purchase, it is difficult to find additional consumer or product reviews about it’s effectiveness.  The site does contain customer testimonials but who knows if those are real or not?  We’d like to see independent reviews from say, a professionally curated blog.

With the numerous and unpleasant side effects of this drug,  risks seem to outweigh the benefits. Which is the lesser of the two evils? If you’re already suffering the misery and discomfort of hemorrhoids, do you really want to add  nausea, upset stomach and/or vomiting to the mix?  We think not.

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