KEOSpark Carb Blocker Review

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KEOSpark Carb Blocker Weight Loss Supplement Review
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Today we will take a look at KEOSpark Carb Blocker in our informative review. The product has been developed with the safest and most effective ingredients to help achieve ultimate fat metabolism. The manufacturer claims that this product can help spark ketogenesis due to its carb blocking properties. To find out more about the ingredients in KEOSpark Carb Blocker and how this supplement works, keep on reading.


KEOSpark Carb Blocker contains chromium and keobean extract to act as a carb blocker and help with fat metabolism. The methionine, inositol, and choline bitartrate in the product helps balance the hormones and also helps to increase fat metabolism. The product also contains vitamin B1, B6, and B12 to help improve mood, satiety, and comfort. This seems like a very promising list of ingredients, however, based on our research, the product is lacking essential clinically proven ingredients. It should contain white kidney bean extract and chitosan. Lack of these ingredients may cause the product to be less effective in comparison with other brands.


The manufacturer recommends that the user take one capsule with breakfast, one capsule with lunch, and one capsule with dinner. The chromium in the product only provides the user with 600 mcg per day, whereas the recommended clinical dosage is 1000 mcg per day. Too little may cause the product to not be as effective.


A bottle of product which will last one month costs a total of $39.99. It can be purchased online from the manufacturer’s website. However, the manufacturer does not provide the customer with a discount or cost effective bundle deals for the customer to take advantage of. As a result, the product may become too expensive over time.

Guarantee & Feedback

The manufacturer backs their product with a very weak money-back guarantee. Customers may return products to the manufacturer within 90-days, however, all items must be sealed. Thus, first time customers will not be able to try the product and return it for a full refund if it does not provide positive results. You will be at risk when making a purchase.

The total of 6 customer reviews found on the manufacturer’s website, which has been selected, all present positive feelings about the product.

Our Conclusive Review About KEOSpark Carb Blocker

After our analysis of KEOSpark Carb Blocker, we have found a few things that we like about the product. The manufacturer has provided a product with easy to swallow capsules.

Unfortunately, we have also come across a few things that we do not like about the product. First of all, the product lacks essential clinically proven ingredients in their correct quantities. These include a daily dosage of 1000 mg white kidney bean extract, 1000 mcg chromium, and 600 mg chitosan. This product only provides 600 mcg chromium which is too low. The absence of these ingredients and in the correct quantities may result in a product that is not as effective as other brands. Furthermore, it is clear that the manufacturer does not have the customer’s best interest in mind as they do not provide a discount or bundle deals. Lastly, the manufacturer does not seem to feel very confident in their product as they only provide a money-back guarantee on sealed items.

Due to these drawbacks, we cannot recommend the safe and effective use of KEOSpark Carb Blocker.

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