Luminance Skincare Organic Hydration Facial Moisturizer Review

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Luminance Skincare Organic Hydration Facial Moisturizer Review - For Younger Healthier Looking Skin
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Luminance says it has created an all-natural moisturizer with the most hydrating ingredients in the world. It is designed for youthful, sensitive skin and is light. The emphasis is on freshness. Luminance strives to ship everything within a week from formulating it. Wildcrafted and pure organic ingredients are used. We review Organic Hydration Facial Moisturizer and will test, among other things, its own claim to be made with the ‘most hydrating’ ingredients in the world. We will also assess to what extent it meets scientific, deeply researched and clinically vetted superior moisturization standards.


  • Floral Antioxidant Blend
  • Apricot Kernel
  • Meadow Foam
  • Kukui
  • Borage
  • Jojoba
  • Avocado
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Sweet Almond
  • Olivem 1000
  • Rosewater RO Filtered Water
  • Red Radish Root

Meadow Foam oil has been used as an anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatory properties in a moisturizer are essential as inflammation is what gives rises to acne and other similar-looking spots. However, the gold standard for anti-inflammatory control, cell repair and rejuvenation all in one is Vitamins C and E, both of which they are not in this formula. It would be contained in the oils to some extent, but the bigger the dosage of these two vitamins included by themselves, the better. The base of the formulation is pure Rose Water. It has been used as a calming and nourishing ski agent. Kukui Nut Oil and Jojoba oil provide deep hydration in tandem, while the other oils provide fatty acid nourishment (avocado provides omega-3) and antioxidant repair treatments, for example, sweet almond oil.

Besides Vitamins A and C, there are a few notable omissions from this formula. Vitamin B5 is a hydrating agent that has been clinically proven, and it is missing. There also don’t seem to be sufficient collagen-producing agent to re-plum skin and keep it supple and youthful. We agree that Sweet Almond Oil is critical, but another critical, clinically proven oil is Shea butter. In addition, to get the best out of these clinically proven ingredients, they are best included in a patented form. This means their working will be new and effective on a superior level, as backed up by independent clinical trial data.

How To Use

Apply a fingertip amount to each part of your face and neck. Your face should be cleansed and the toner should still be moist on the skin. Massage in gently. If you’ve used too much, spread it to other areas of skin. The manufacturer says it is non-greasy and smooth, so you should be able to apply makeup in a short while.


You’ll pay $29.70 for a two-ounce jar on the product website. We found a one-ounce jar on Amazon, but it was listed as out of stock and no price was available. You’ll qualify for free shipping on an order of more than $75. Other than this, no discounts were available. But, you’ll get a free sample kit (minus shipping at your own expense) if you sign up for the newsletter.

Guarantee & Feedback

There is a 60-day window period in which to claim exchanges or returns, and it appears that you only have to ship back large orders of more than $75. If you’d like to receive a different, similarly priced product instead, you have 6 months in which to request this. The reviews on the product website are positive although some consumers do cite it as being too heavy or greasy. It is strange though that we couldn’t find independent consumer reviews on other reputable websites.

Our Conclusive Review About Luminance Skincare Organic Hydration Facial Moisturizer

While it is to be lauded that the manufacturer states that all the ingredients have been listed, it is not expressly stated that this moisturizer is manufactured in accordance with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) as stipulated by the World Health Organization. Among other things, this leaves the moisturizer vulnerable to adulteration and microbiological contamination before or during the production process. We’d love to be able to assert that the product is cruelty-free but this has not been stated. However what the manufacturer does tell us is is that nothing artificial or harmful has made its way into the formula, so it should all be vegan, fresh and raw.

The emphasis on freshness is good, as this means you are getting more of the actual active components of each ingredient to do their work. The selection of oils are designed to nourish and hydrate deeply, but the lack of proper doses of Vitamins C and E in particular as clinically recommended detract from this moisturizer’s likely efficacy. It has been described in top journals and by beauty scientists as a ‘no-brainer’ that Vitamin C be included, for example, as both the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects are required. Some scientists argue that as much as 20% of a formula should be Vitamin C. There are also no patented ingredients. This means you are not likely to get the most stable, hard-working forms of ingredients such as Vitamin C either. Leading beauty manufacturers have set the bar high with a minimum of 5 patented ingredients that they routinely include. So, while this formula will keep you hydrated to some extent, we do not agree that it contains ‘the most hydrating’ ingredients (Shea butter is one notable hydrator missing). You also need more cell repair agents to slow down and undo the effects of damage long term.

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