Manu Ringworm Natural Product Review

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Manu Ringworm Natural Product Review - For Combating Fungal Infections
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The Trichophyton fungi causes the bacterial infection that is ringworm, and as many as 40 variations of this fungus or any combination of them could be the ones irritating your skin. They are hard to eradicate permanently because they are so infectious. You may clear up one infection only to have a reinfection soon because the fungus likes to lie dormant. When it gets another opportunity in moist, soft, protected parts of your skin, it will strike again. When it affects the groin it is known as jock itch, and when it affects your feet it is known as Athlete’s Foot. It can also appear on the scalp and fingernails.

Today we review a ringworm treatment called Manu Ringworm Natural Product pack as manufactured by Manuka Natural. It is designed to stem the pain, soothe the swelling, and reduce the fungal population as well as prevent it from spreading. It consists of a cream, oil and soap.


Manuka, like tea tree, is one of about 7 essential oils known to be highly effective antifungals. In a study, Manuka oil was shown to be widely effective against a range of pathogens. It did not eradicate these pathogens 100% but at small concentrations, lowered their population count drastically. This is due to the triketone compounds in the Manuka. Manu Ringworm Natural Product uses a concentration of Manuka that is about 25 times stronger than the one used in the study. Manuka is also known to soother, and to promote healing because it is richly moisturizing.


Wash the affected area and the whole body with the soap, making extremely sure to dry thoroughly. Then, apply the oil with its deep penetrative action. Finally, apply the oil as an extra barrier. Allow to dry thoroughly. Do this twice a day. Wash all surface you may had had contact with, such as linen and your clothing to prevent the risk of reinfection.


You’ll pay $59.93 for the pack when you order from the Manuka Natural website. There are no discounts for buying in bulk.

Guarantee & Feedback

You must initiate the returns process with the manufacturer within 60 days of purchasing your product. Have your order number handy. Only one product will be refunded.

Our Conclusive Review About Manu Ringworm Natural Product

Studies have shown Manuka oil, the main ingredient, to be a highly effective antimicrobial. Although it is still relatively unknown compared to tea tree, it is a powerful antifungal that also soothes, and it should prove effective in getting rid of stubborn infections.

You are using a three-stage treatment which is quite costly. If the regimen involved does not suit you or the cost is too high, look for other natural applications comprising of highly effective antifungals such as tea tree and the potent Undecylenic Acid. The most effective supplements will contain 25% Undecylenic acid.

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