Consumer Health MenoClear Review

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Consumer Health MenoClear Review - For Relief From Symptoms Associated With Menopause
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The following review is for MenoClear, a 100% natural formula designed to ease the symptoms of menopause. It is made to adhere to the stricter quality standards of the industry, and contains 13 different bio-available ingredients in its day formula to comprehensively address the symptoms of menopause. The day formula can be taken on its own, or alongside the nighttime formula for comprehensive relief. Notably, the formula meets the standards of the US Pharmacopoeia, providing the effective relief of night sweats, hot flashes, low libido, and other symptoms, without chemical pharmaceuticals.


The capsules include Protykin, a patented compound derived from the root of the polygonum cuspidate plant. It has been shown to support healthy ageing, and is a powerful antioxidant, acting as both an anti-cancer agent, and providing benefits for cardiac and digestive health. Most impressively though, studies have shown it to be a more powerful anti-inflammatory than NSAID pain killers like ibuprofen and aspirin.

Other ingredients include black cohosh, rhodiola, vitamin E & zinc, diidolylmethane, and boron, as well as plants extracts from chasteberry, red clover, passion flower, and wild yam. All of these have been used in natural medicine, for hundreds or thousands of years in some cases, as an effective treatment for menopause. They address the physical symptoms of menopause, as well as the mental symptoms, lessening stress and anxiety which are common, but often less treated side effects of menopause.


MenoClear recommends taking two capsules daily with meals. For best results you should take one in the morning with breakfast, and one the evening. If you take both at once, they should be taken in the morning for maximum effect. The nighttime formula should be taken before bed (one capsule). You can begin taking MenoClear in pre-menopause, and continue taking it through the onset of menopause and after as well.

Possible Side Effects

We found no associated side effects of MenoClear. This means that it is an effective remedy for long-term use.


You can purchase the supplement online through the company’s website. You can purchase one bottle at a time, or multi-packs that offer larger savings. The deals are as follows:

  • One bottle will cost $49.95.
  • Two bottles will cost $59.90.
  • Four bottles will cost $99.80.
  • Six bottles will cost $135.70 (by far the best deal).

Guarantee & Feedback

We think one of the best parts of this menopause supplement is the amazing 60-day product guarantee. This removes the risk of trying a new product, and lets you really try it out to see if it works for you. Reviews for this supplement are really positive, with women reporting a marked reduction in adverse symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and low libido especially, but also improved mood.

Our Conclusive Review About Consumer Health MenoClear Review

We found all of the ingredients in MenoClear to be proven effective at addressing and relieving the adverse symptoms of menopause and pre-menopause. Even more impressive are the high standards of manufacture, and the 100% natural ingredients, which create an effective and safe product that really works.

The clinically-tested ingredients are backed by a comprehensive product guarantee, but more significant are the number of positive reviews from women who have found relief through MenoClear. It not only supports hormonal health, but also skeletal and circulatory health; both of which come under stress during and after menopause.

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