Miracle Botanicals Tulsi Holy Basil Review

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Miracle Botanicals Tulsi Holy Basil Review - For Improved Overall Health
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Reviewed here is a product called Tulsi Holy Basil Essential Oil, manufactured by Miracle Botanicals. The main ingredient in this product is an herb called Holy Basil. Holy Basil has long been used in India—referred to there as “Tulsi”—as medicine, food, and for religious ceremonies, mostly in the Ayurvedic tradition. Holy basil has been found to improve balance, reduce stress, maintain healthy levels of glucose in the blood, and increase longevity.

With the goal of learning more about the product and informing your product selection process, independent research was conducted on Tulsi Holy Basil Essential Oil. It is important to help put this product in context of the vast array of herbal supplements available, many of which are sold by companies more interested in profit than their product’s effectiveness. Please read the results below discover if Tulsi Holy Basil Essential Oil is appropriate for you.


The manufacturer does not provide a list of ingredients on the product website, but does note that the production process includes distillation by steam.


Tulsi Holy Basil Essential Oil should not be consumed internally. It should be applied externally and has the following applications:

  • Stress release — Reducing a proven cause of age related disease. Holy basil combats stress, improves stamina, and increases energy.
  • Skin damage and disorders — Dilute the oil (2% dilution for the face and 5% for the body) and apply to skin.
  • Physical —  Use as a mouthwash to eradicate 99% of bacteria and germs, and prevent tooth loss via its astringent effect. Holy basil can also be used to boost immune function and protect against viruses, infections, protozoa, and bacteria.
  • Spiritual — Release stress and nerves by inhaling the essential oil, or use it to diffuse and cleans the body, mind, and environment.


The Internet lists no price for this product on the Internet. For pricing information, the consumer may want to check with known retailers.


At the time of writing this review, no assurance of quality or satisfaction was provided by the manufacturer. This is unfortunate and disappointing, since many similar products carry such guarantees in an effort to provide consumers confidence when trying an unfamiliar product.

Conclusion Of Our Miracle Botanicals Tulsi Holy Basil Review

As much as this product seems legit, all that comes tumbling down because the manufacturers don’t back their product with a guarantee.

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