The Official Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

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The Official Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Supplement Review
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Weight loss supplements are a dime a dozen in today’s market. There are many different varieties which can make it difficult to chose the right one. One of these types of weight loss supplements are those made from green coffee bean extract. Coffee is known to have many health benefits due to its key component, chlorogenic acid. This is thought to have positive effects on weight loss and blood sugar levels. Regular coffee that you drink does not provide many of these benefits as the roasting process the beans have gone through destroys most of the chlorogenic acid. Green coffee is the raw coffee beans before they are roasted, which means they contain high levels of chlorogenic acid. This review will take a look at one green coffee supplement called The Official Green Coffee Bean Extract. This product claims to contain a high concentration of green coffee bean extract, with this being the only ingredient in the product, making it a pure and top-quality product.


According to the product’s label, each capsule contains 800mg of green coffee bean extract standardized to contain 50% chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has proven fat burning properties. It is also known to regulate blood sugar levels which should help control your appetite and curb cravings. It is also believed to increase metabolism.


It is recommended to take two capsules a day. You should take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening.

Possible Side Effects

The manufacturer states that as this product is all-natural, there are no side effects. The only side effect they say you will experience is weight loss. It is important to note that this product contains some caffeine (less than 5%) if you are sensitive to it.


One bottle of this product contains 60 capsules which is a one-month supply. You can buy this product online directly from the manufacturer’s website, however, we found the “Buy It Now” button was not working. There is a phone number provided on the website, though. One bottle will cost you $59. There does not seem to be any bulk-buying options to save money or any discounts.

Guarantee & Feedback

The Official Green Coffee Bean Extract comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. You will need to send back all of the unused bottles and you will be charged a $5 restocking fee for each bottle returned. First contact customer service to get a Return Authorization Number before returning the product.

Besides the very positive testimonials found on the manufacturer’s website, we were unable to find any unbiased consumer reviews for this product.

Our Conclusive Review About The Official Green Coffee Bean Extract

The ingredients in this product make it a product worth considering. It contains only pure and natural ingredients with no added extras. However, the price for this product is very high and there are no purchasing options to help you save money. The guarantee is also not enough time to really try out the product – and it seems that you can only return unopened bottles. There are other products on the market that offer the same quality ingredients plus some added extras like better pricing and better guarantees.

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