The Organic Pharmacy Arnica Cocculus 30c-Jet Lag Review

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The Organic Pharmacy Arnica Cocculus 30c-Jet Lag Review - For Relief From Jetlag
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Read our review below for a product called Organic Pharmacy Arnica Cocculus 30c-Jet Lag. It is a homeopathic formula  that is designed to fight many conditions associated with jet lag. The manufacturer claims that this product is safe, effective and gentle.


This formula is made up of Arnica Montana, Rye Alcohol, and Cocculus.

Arnica Montana has a chemical that reduces swelling and pain and acts as an antibiotic. It is also able to combat exhaustion caused by jet lag. Cocculus prevents dizziness and nausea associated with jet lag. Rye alcohol is pure alcohol made from rye. It also contributes in fighting jet lag. We are a bit concerned about alcohol though because it interacts we some type of medication, which means that one should consult with a doctor before using this remedy if they are on medication.

Inactive ingredient: Sucrose


It is recommended that you suck one tablet before taking off, one every four hours while on air, and one after landing. The tablet should be placed on a tongue at least 15 minutes before you consume anything. The manufacturer states that the dose can be taken up to six pills a day, and can be reduced to two to three pills a day depending on the extent of the illness.


You can purchase Arnica Cocculus 30c- Jet Lag from the manufacturer’s website, by phone, email or fax for $19.00 per bottle. It is restricting to buy a product from one distributor. This means that if there are technical glitches with the website, phones, emails  and fax that are used to place orders you will have to wait until everything is sorted, which sometimes might delay you.

Guarantee & Feedback

The manufacturer offers a 7-day money-back guarantee. They state that if you are unsatisfied you can return the product within the guarantee period, but it should be unopened and unused. This guarantee does not consider the customers’ satisfaction, which is a problem, especially when there are no reviews from customers. There is only one review on the manufacturer’s website, which was posted in 2013. This make us wonder if there were any purchases made after 2013.

Our Conclusive Review About The Organic Pharmacy Arnica Cocculus 30c-Jet Lag

The Organic Pharmacy  Arnica Cocculus 30c- Jet Lag has a potential to be helpful in managing jet lag symptoms. It contains all natural ingredients, with no side effects that have been noted. Its price is reasonable considering other effective products on the market. However, there are a number of things that we do not like about this product. A 7-day money back guarantee does not give a customer enough time to even return the product if they are travelling. It is too short. Secondly, there is no way that you would be unsatisfied with the results of the product if you have not opened or used it. So when the manufacturer states that it should be returned unopened and unused that shows that they don’t really care about your satisfaction. There are no recent reviews on the product, which does not help any customer that wants to buy the product. In short, it is risky to buy a product that is not backed by a proper guarantee and consumer reviews. We recommend that you look for something that will ensure that you are protected.

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