Puritan’s Pride Raspberry Ketones Review

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Puritan's Pride Raspberry Ketones Weight Loss Supplement Review
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Raspberry ketones have become a very popular ingredient for weight loss. As this ingredient has increased in popularity, more and more raspberry ketone supplements are appearing on the market. However, not all are created equal and not all will provide results. This review examines Puritan’s Pride Raspberry Ketones to help you decide if it is worth buying or not. The manufacturer has not provided much information about this product other than it is highly concentrated.


According to the manufacturer, this product contains 100mg of raspberry ketones per serving. Despite the manufacturer mentioning that this product contains a high concentration of raspberry ketones, this dose is much lower than other supplements on the market. The manufacturer has also not stated if the raspberry ketones are derived from real raspberries or if they are synthetically made. Only products made from real raspberries have been proven to be beneficial and effective. Raspberry ketones are thought to increase the rate at which fat is broken down and also regulate metabolism and blood sugar levels.


The manufacturer does not provide information about how to use this product. But after some research, we found that it is recommended to take one capsule, twice a day, with meals. This will only bring your daily serving of raspberry ketones to 200mg, where other supplements provide 1000mg.

Possible Side Effects

Puritan’s Pride Raspberry Ketones is designed specifically for adults. The manufacturer states that if any adverse reactions occur, you should consult a doctor. It is recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and those taking any medications, to consult their doctor before using this product.


You can buy this product from the manufacturer’s website and various online retailers. The manufacturer offers two specific packages for this product. You can buy one bottle and get two free for a total cost of $5.59. Or you can buy two bottles and get four free for a total cost of $11.18. While these prices are excellent for anyone’s budget, it makes us seriously question the quality of the ingredients.

Guarantee & Feedback

This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you have one year to return the unused portion for a full refund.

We did not find many reviews for this product, however, those that we did find were very mixed with quite a few complaints about the product not working as expected.

Our Conclusive Review About Puritan’s Pride Raspberry Ketones

The one year guarantee and the price of this product are excellent for anyone’s budget. However, the low price makes us doubt that the raspberry ketones are actually derived from real raspberries. The quantity of the raspberry ketones is also very low compared to other products on the market. This may result in the product not being as effective as some other products on the market, which the customer reviews seem to indicate. We think you should consider looking into other products.

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