Rejuvaskin Anti-Aging Eye Cream Review

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Rejuvaskin Anti-Aging Eye Cream Review - For Under Eye Bag And Wrinkles
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Rejuvaskin Anti-Aging Eye Cream claims to be a luxurious anti-aging solution for under eye skin; reducing the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines. However, is this eye cream the best solution for under eye signs of aging? This review will examine various aspects of this product to help you answer that question.


  • Polypeptides
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Collagen
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Plant Stem Cells

Polypeptides are amino acids that provide anti-aging benefits by firming the skin. Hyaluronic Acid retains the skin’s moisture while supporting collagen synthesis. The additional collagen is believed to reduce the visible signs of aging like fine lines. Antioxidants offer protection from damaging and aging oxidative stress while Plant Stem Cells provide further protection from antioxidants and photodamage while stimulating cell growth and increasing the longevity of skin cells. These ingredients are known to offer some anti-aging benefits, however, the lack of patented ingredients (which stand as an indication of quality and efficacy) is a concern. Competing products have up to 6 patented ingredients in their formula that offer targeted relief such as puffy-bag-reducing Eyeliss – Sederma; wrinkle-reducing SYN-EYE; or collagen-boosting Syn-Coll. In saying so, this product may not be as effective as other brands on the market. Furthermore, there is no mention if this product is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, or manufactured in a GMP certified facility. This may imply that this product may have been produced with poor quality and unethical processes.


The manufacturer offers relatively clear instruction for use; gently applying a small amount of product under the eye after cleansing. For the first week of use, an application should be every other night. After the first week, use nightly. There is no indication of active ingredient concentration which is a concern as we cannot for sure state that this product would be effective or not.


A 15 ml jar of Rejuvaskin Anti-Aging Eye Cream (a 1 months supply) can be bought from the manufacturer’s website for $69.95. This is relatively expensive, especially since there are no discounts or bulk deals to promote sustained use. There are also no trial options available.


Rejuvaskin offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for products purchased from their website, allowing credit to be given to customers if they are not entirely happy with their purchase. This policy is vague and does not state if it applies to opened and tested products. Furthermore, there are too few customer reviews available online for us to justify claims of efficacy.

Conclusion of Our Rejuvaskin Anti-Aging Eye Cream Review

This product contains many beneficial ingredients that could fulfill some of the manufacturer’s claims. However, the lack of patented ingredients, as well as GMP certification, raises questions on the legitimacy and quality of this product. The price is relatively expensive, especially with no bulk offers available, and the guarantee is vague. For these reasons, as well as absent customer reviews, is why we do not recommend Rejuvaskin Anti-Aging Eye Cream as the best solution for under eye signs of aging.

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