Revolution Health Melatonin CR Review

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Revolution Health Melatonin CR Review - For Relief From Jetlag
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This supplement contains a controlled release of melatonin to combat jet and so Melatonin CR is the supplement we review today. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a neurohormone, from tryptophan when it is stimulated by darkness. While melatonin regulates many other hormones; its primary function is to regulate the sleep-wake cycle. This internal clock is called your circadian rhythm. It is thrown out of synch when you travel, as the body expects it to be sleep time when you land because it would normally be dark at the corresponding time in your place of departure. Instead you land to bright sunshine, which could cause internal chaos.

In studies, melatonin was shown to be effective in half the participants who were specifically travel participants. They took it close to bedtime in the city of arrival, even before arriving to get the body used to this new rhythm. As explained, it produced a 50% success rate


  • Melatonin 5 mg
  • Vitamin B6

Melatonin is the ‘sleep’ hormone and has shown to be effective in inducing sleep. In a study, travellers took it a few days before the time to mimic the sleep pattern they expected to follow in their new city and this proved quite successful. Research has also shown that maintaining good levels of vitamin B6 is important to getting a good night’s rest. Melatonin has the added benefit of fighting free radicals and aiding oxidation while you sleep.


Take one tablet 20 minutes before bedtime unless otherwise directed by your doctor. 5mg is almost twice the recommended 3 mg dosage per day.

Possible Side Effects

Do not take melatonin if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or trying to conceive, have diabetes or are on blood-thinning medication. Do not take it before driving or operating heavy equipment. Consult a doctor first if you suffer from an ailment and are taking medication.


Somewhat oddly, we were unable to find an seller online or a price for this supplement. As it is a high dose supplement, it could be that it is only available at pharmacies.

Guarantee & Feedback

Revolution Health does not make mention of a returns policy and our research indicates it unlikely that they have one. We could not find feedback from verified consumers and this may point to Melatonin CR as not having a wide following.

Conclusive Review about Revolution Health Melatonin CR

The active ingredient, melatonin, is contained in the supplement in a strong dosage, 2 mg more than the normal recommended dose per day. It should therefore work to induce sleep. The vitamin B6 contained also aids getting a good night’s rest. As this is a slow-release tablet it will release tiny amounts of melatonin throughout your sleep to ensure a consistent uptake to the brain and again points to how specific this medication is.

We think that the product is likely only available at pharmacies or with a doctor’s script as it is a high dose tablet that is generally only prescribed under specific conditions. If you do get your hands on an over-the-counter version, make sure to clear any use with your doctor first. This is not a tablet you should take on your own for the sake of fighting jet lag as other serious criteria need to be satisfied before you are assessed as fit for a high dose.

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