MoringaPharm Pure Moringa Leaf Review

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MoringaPharm Pure Moringa Leaf Review - For Improved Overall Health
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This is a review on a moringa leaf supplement called The Moringa Pure Moringa Leaf. Moringa powder has been known to be a highly nutritious and beneficial supplement, supporting optimal vitality as it is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and more. In this review, we shall assess if this particular product is the best moringa supplement available on the market.


Moringa leaves are known to be the most nutritious part of the plant and have been used for thousands of years in ancient Ayurvedic medicine. This substance has been linked to many benefits; such as improved digestive health, nourished skin, supported mood and brain health, reduced signs of aging and oxidative damage, balanced hormones and blood sugar levels, as well as being a powerful anti-inflammatory. This product is vegan-friendly; kosher and halal certified; free of sugar and allergens such as nuts, eggs, wheat, and dairy. This product is also manufactured in a GMP certified facility. However, GMP certification alone is not enough to support product efficacy.


This product contains 440 mg of moringa leaf powder per capsule. It is recommended to take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening, equating to 1760 mg per day. This is slightly higher than the market average of 1200 mg per daily serving. The manufacturer does not state if these supplements should be taken with food or not, however, online resources suggest that having a meal with moringa leaf supplements would be wise. It is also advised that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers as well as children and people on other medication to seek council with their physician before use.


Customers can purchase a bottle of these supplements directly from the manufacturer’s website; where one bottle contains 120 capsules that will (when taken as directed) last 30 days. 1 bottle is currently available at a 10% discount, where you pay  $38.90 (saving $4,10). This is a relatively high standard price per unit. Although, there are package offers available with varying savings. These package offers range from 3 bottles for $99,99; to 12 bottles for $300.

Guarantee & Feedback

It is unfortunate to note that there is no manufacturer’s guarantee information available for this product on The Moringa Pure website. This is concerning to see, especially since the manufacturer is based in Israel and even if US citizens got through to the manufacturer – they may have trouble with customs or have to pay additional fees. Furthermore, there are no customer reviews available for this product to support its efficacy. This is also a concern.

Our Conclusive Review About MoringaPharm Pure Moringa Leaf

The Moringa Pure Moringa Leaf is manufactured in a GMP certified facility as well as vegan-friendly, kosher, and halal. The concentration of the key active ingredient is adequate, and while the price is relatively high per individual unit – there are package offers available. What is very concerning to note is the lack of manufacturer guarantee and customer reviews. This implies a lack of confidence in the efficacy of the product by both the manufacturer and the customers. We suggest rather looking for a moringa supplement that is more supported by the manufacturer in the form of a guarantee, as well as by customer reviews, for added peace of mind.

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