Vita Sciences Migravent Review

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Vita Sciences Migravent Review - For Symptomatic Relief From Migraines
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Throw away your over-the-counter painkillers and help avoid debilitating migraines by taking an all-natural supplement. We review a migraine supplement made by Vita Sciences called Migravent. Not only will this supplement prevent future migraines, it can also diminish the pain and discomfort you may feel during a migraine.


Butterbur acts as an anti-inflammatory by reducing spasms in the smooth muscles of your brain. Vitamin B2 and magnesium help brain activity and prevent migraines from occurring overall. Coenzyme Q10, also known as CoQ10, is a supplement your body makes naturally that acts as an antioxidant and improves brain function. CoQ10 helps the cells provide energy to your body, which is helpful in migraine sufferers, as research has shown that cells produce and consume less energy when you have a migraine.

We noticed the lack of other anti-inflammatory ingredients that could help this product act faster. Some ingredients are ginger, ginkgo biloba, and white willow. These all-natural ingredients help calm your brain and have antioxidant properties. We also noted that while other products have 400 mg of riboflavin and 360 mg of magnesium, there is only 876 mg of a mix of riboflavin, magnesium, and CoQ10. We were pleased to see that the 150 mg of butterbur was the same throughout other migraine products.


The correct dosage of Migravent is one capsule per day. Other supplements suggest two pills a day, and the lower dosage reflects badly on the product as there are lower amounts of other ingredients like riboflavin and magnesium.


Through the Vita Sciences website, you can save $11 on one bottle and pay $38.95 which will last you two months. Unlike other migraine supplements that provide discounts if you buy multiple bottles, there are no bulk discounts available. Vita Sciences does provide free shipping for any orders that are above $39.

Guarantee & Feedback

There was no listed guarantee or refund available, which was concerning. Other supplement companies offer two months and up to a year guarantee to return a product a customer isn’t happy with. It takes a few months to see the results of a product, especially when it comes to migraines. It’s a shame that Migravent offers no money-back guarantee after purchasing this product.

Reading reviews for this product, we were blown away by the positive and happy messages of customers, including some that are neurologists. Unfortunately, there are also negative opinions of this product that claim it didn’t help at all with migraine pain.

Our Conclusive Review About Vita Sciences Migravent

The helpful, all-natural ingredients and positive feedback make buying Migravent a real consideration. Instead of risking unpleasant side-effects from over-the-counter painkillers, you can rely on butterbur extract, magnesium and riboflavin to help ease your migraines and help prevent them in the future. However, the high price and lack of guarantee or even a bulk discount makes us think twice before buying this product. Perhaps do a little bit more research to find a product with similar ingredients but with a better deal.

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