Walgreens Stay Cool Review

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Walgreens Stay Cool Review - For Relief From Symptoms Associated With Menopause
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As the name suggests the very first purpose of this product is to help the body in minimizing the extreme hot flares women experience during menopause. It sustains a healthy hormonal balance and helps women sleep better indirectly and directly maintain a relatively calm and humble mood. Through these counter reactions it helps women feel more relaxed and relatively comfortable. This product is for every woman who is fed up of hot flashes and going through her menopause.


  • GeniVida (Genstein): This particular ingredient is an active hormone which acts as a precursor to the estrogen being constantly lost. It assists the body in coping up with the lethargy often caused by this loss. It reduces the overall anticipated signs of menopause such as the warm blazes and sweats.

There are several other elements such as Stearic Acid, Silicate of Magnesium, Silica and others that go into the making of this particular product.


The dosage of this product is not defined in a strict fashion. It is to be taken a capsule a day. One can choose a time that suits them best preferably after or before a meal. The important thing to consider is adjustment of the dosage to a specific time and taking it routinely. This is because the ingredients remain in the body for a fixed period of time, maintaining a routine allows the body to maintain their concentration in the blood.

Side Effects

This product is effective even for people who are allergic to soy or products like gluten. However its general composition may result in allergic reactions in women commonly prone to eczema or other allergies. Otherwise it is a rather harmless product.


It has a humble number of capsules in a single bottle which makes it very reasonable for use. Its basic purchase rate is approximately fifteen dollars. Oftentimes several places offer a scheme for the ease of troubled menopausal women. They can get this product under the “buy one get one free” policy for nothing but a simple seven dollars. That is double the number of capsules at half the price.

This particular product is a lot inexpensive and economical as compared to other supplements in the menopausal market. It is definitely worth a try for it is easily affordable and readily available online.


Like several other supplements and products, women can use it for a month to see if the results are as they expected them to be. If they feel dissatisfied and are not at ease, they can return the product and get their money returned to them at a full rate.

Our Conclusive Review Walgreens Stay Cool

Walgreens Stay Cool for Menopause is a comparatively decent produce. It is natural and herbal merchandise that helps women cope with their menopausal symptoms. The best support this product offers is the presence or minimum to zero possibility of side effects.However, it is not FDA inspected and that would really boost its credibility.

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