Absolute Essentials Maternity Stretchmark Oil Review

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Absolute Essentials Maternity Stretchmark Oil Review - For Reducing The Appearance Of Stretch Marks
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This is a review of Absolute Essentials Maternity Stretchmark Oil. It examines the essential details surrounding the ingredients, price and other factors that contribute to the overall value of this product. Stretch marks form when there is excessive growth in the tissue underneath the skin. This commonly occurs during pregnancy or excessive weight gain. They commonly occur around the stomach, thighs and buttox. Stretch marks often take the form of branchy and dark patterns which can be quite displeasing to look at. Absolute Essentials Maternity Stretchmark Oil is designed to remove the appearance of these stretch marks.


Absolute Essentials Maternity Stretchmark Oil is actually a mixture of several oils from different plants. These include avocado, calendula, apricot, almond, jojoba, lavender, evening primrose, olives, wheat-germ, palmarosa, mandarin and geranium rose. A scientific study found that these plant oils which contain long chain fatty acids cause the release of substances known as matrix metalloproteinases. Matrix metalloproteinases breakdown damaged tissue. These fatty acids also cause the release of collagen type III. This form of collagen produces reticular fibers, which are abundant in soft connective tissue. These oils are also often rich in omega-3 fatty acids which reduce the amount of inflammatory substances released from damaged skin cells. The inflammatory substances are what normally cause the production of stretch marks.


The manufacturer suggests that the oil should be applied daily but they do not specify how many times a day. These directions are slightly ambiguous and could lead to varying results. This should be continued until the stretch mark disappears or is significantly reduced to an acceptable level.

Possible Side Effects

This product is completely safe for use during pregnancy but it should not be ingested. It should also be kept away from eyes or other sensitive areas. Use of the product should also be discontinued if there are any allergic reactions to it.


One bottle of Absolute Essentials Maternity Stretchmark Oil can be purchased online for $29 for 3.4 fl. oz. and $73 for 17 fl. oz. This price does not include shipping and taxes and the manufacturer does not specify how much shipping costs.

Guarantee & Feedback

A refund will only be awarded if the product is delivered damaged or expired. The manufacturer also does not specify how long this returns policy is valid for.

The manufacturer provides some testimonials from previous customers but does not have a space for customers to post their reviews and ratings.

Our Conclusive Review About Absolute Essentials Maternity Stretchmark Oil

We found that the ingredients show some promise of effectiveness and the price of this product is very reasonable. The customer support from this manufacturer is severely lacking though. They show a lack of confidence in the effectiveness of their product by not providing a satisfaction guarantee or a space for customers to post their reviews and ratings. Testimonials are highly controlled by the manufacturer and may not be accurate. Our research has found products with much better customer support and better research to back up their ingredients.

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