Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea Review

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Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea Weight Loss Supplement Review
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Futurebiotics has designed a supplement that combines the health benefits of raspberry ketones and green tea, both of which are used to help lose weight. We’ve taken a look at how effective the supplement possibly is and if it’s worth spending your money on. We also determine if it’s a risky purchase or not based on the manufacturer’s guarantee.


Raspberry ketones help a person to lose weight by exhibiting a biological action on fat cells. They cause fat cells to release a hormone called adiponectin. Adiponectin causes neighboring fat cells to break down their fat stores and release energy. They also reduce fat deposition in organs and blood vessels.

Green tea contains molecules called catechins that have a similar effect on fat cells as raspberry ketones. There isn’t much research on the combination effect of raspberry ketones and green tea extract though.


One capsule of Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea must be taken with breakfast or lunch. Each capsule contains 300 mg of raspberry ketones and 200 mg of green tea leaf extract. This is not the best dose of raspberry ketones we’ve seen, which is in fact 1000 mg per serving. The supplements with the higher dosage are more proven to be effective.

Possible Side Effects

There aren’t many side effects associated with raspberry ketones apart from a slight bit of jitteriness. Green tea however has more side effects. The most common one is increasing the risk of developing anemia. There are also some reports that green tea aggravates liver disease. Speak to your doctor if you are unsure about your status in each of these cases. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should also speak to a physician before using this supplement.


A package of 60 capsules can be purchased online for $27.95 which does not include shipping or taxes. The manufacturer offers free shipping on all orders over $49, which might be an encouragement to buy the product in bulk.

Guarantee & Feedback

Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea is covered by a 356-day money back guarantee, in which the customer must return whatever product they have not used and they will be awarded a complete refund.

There are no customer feedback reviews about this product on the manufacturer’s website. On third-party distributor websites, the customer reviews are split down the middle between positive and negative.

Our Conclusive Review About Futurebiotics Red Raspberry Ketone + Green Tea

This supplement contains quite an unusual combination of raspberry ketones and green tea extract for which there isn’t much research. We might have considered this supplement to be possibly effective if it wasn’t for such a low dose of raspberry ketones.

Otherwise, the supplement is offered at a reasonable price and it comes with a good guarantee. These are good properties of the supplement, but they are useless if the supplement doesn’t work. For these reasons, we believe that customers would spend their time better looking for other supplements, which are better researched and have a higher dosage of raspberry ketones.

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