aSquared Nutrition Thyroid Support Review

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aSquared Nutrition Thyroid Support Review - For Increased Thyroid Support
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An unhealthy thyroid can lead to several irritating and painful symptoms. These include fatigue, weight gain, and joint pain. The management of proper thyroid function can be achieved with an effective thyroid supplement. The following review provides a close analysis of eSquared Nutrition Thyroid Support and its ability to provide relief from irritating symptoms and improve thyroid function.


  • Vitamin B-12
  • Iodine
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Molybdenum
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Schizandra Powder
  • Ashwagandha Root
  • Bladderwrack
  • Cayenne Pepper Powder
  • Kelp

This product contains ingredients that are clinically-proven to promote a healthy thyroid and provide relief from symptoms associated with an unhealthy thyroid. These ingredients are common to many competitor products on the market. These ingredients can help control metabolism and balance hormone levels. However, this product lacks several other vitamins that provide essential antioxidants to the body.


The manufacturer recommends that adults consume 2 capsules daily with meals. It is advised that consumers consult a health practitioner before using this supplement. The clear stipulation regarding directions of use provides confidence in the consumer’s ability to achieve desired results. The dosage provided by this product seems sufficient and common to many alternative products on the market.

Possible Side Effects

It is advised the consumers do not exceed the recommended dosage. The overdose of this product can lead to several side effects. These side effects include increased body temperature, irregular heart rates, and weight gain. These should be monitored when assessing individual tolerance.


This product can be purchased from the aSquared Nutrition online store. A bottle of 180 capsules costs $24.99. Customers can save up to 20% of this price when purchasing more than 1 bottle. Customers have many purchasing options available to them. Free shipping applies when purchasing this product. The long-term use of this product could be cost-effective as the price per bottle is reasonable.

Guarantee & Feedback

The manufacturer claims that the efficacy of this product is supported by a 100% money-back guarantee. To be eligible for a return, the product must be unopened and returned within 30 days of purchase. Consumers are unable to return a product that does not deliver results that the manufacturer claimed. This return policy indicates a lack of confidence in the product’s effectiveness. Several negative customer reviews support this argument by claiming the product is ineffective. Other consumers report having terrible reactions to the product. Individual tolerance to this product varies, however, this can only be assessed after making a purchase.

Our Conclusive Review About aSquared Nutrition Thyroid Support

The formula for this product includes several beneficial substances for improved thyroid function. These substances are common to many competitor products. The reasonable price of this product is an appealing selling point. However, negative customer reviews suggest that this product does not work as intended. The complicated return policy further showcases the manufacturer’s lack of confidence in this product. It is for these reasons that we cannot recommend this supplement as an effective solution to thyroid health.

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