Biogreen Labs White Kidney Bean Extract Review

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Biogreen Labs White Kidney Bean Extract Weight Loss Supplement Review
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Uncontrolled intake or metabolism of carbohydrates (which is an important component of a healthy diet) can lead to increased insulin levels and subsequent fat production. Many people suffer with impaired carbohydrate metabolism due to genetic and environmental factors. Supplements such as Biogreen Labs White Kidney Bean Extract are designed to help the distribution of carbohydrates in the body and to control of blood glucose levels. We review this product to assess its effectiveness versus its cost.


There is only one ingredient in this product which is 1200 mg of white kidney bean extract. White kidney bean extract strongly inhibits the digestive enzyme called amylase. Amylase normally breaks down large carbohydrate molecules into smaller and simpler sugars which can be absorbed as glucose. If it is inhibited, then the absorption of carbohydrates is reduced. This leads to lower levels of glucose in the blood and lower insulin levels and fat storage.

Unlike similar products, this one is lacking key ingredients which improve the uptake of glucose from the blood to reduce insulin release. For example, many similar substances contain chromium which increases the uptake of glucose from the blood into skeletal muscles (the muscles which are used for exercise). Without this action, blood glucose levels could still go and controlled or the skeletal muscles could starve.


Two capsules should be taken once a day with water, according to the manufacturer. According to our research, this method of taking the extract is not optimal. The extract will be eliminated before it can have any effect on meals eaten long after taking it.

Possible Side Effects

The safety of this product has not been tested for pregnant women or for breastfeeding mothers. Medical and drug interactions have also not been tested. Anyone taking chronic medication or is pregnant or breastfeeding should consult a doctor before using the supplement.


One bottle of Biogreen Labs White Kidney Bean Extract can be purchased online for $10.79. Each bottle contains 60 capsules. There appears to be no discount for buying multiple supplies of this product at once.

Guarantee & Feedback

Biogreen Labs offers a 30-day money back guarantee on this product. This guarantee states that if the user is unhappy with the results they can return the product for a full refund.

The customer reviews for this product are mostly positive. There were some complaints that the product did not work or that it caused gas and nausea though.

Our Conclusive Review About Biogreen Labs White Kidney Bean Extract

The price of this product is quite low and the main ingredient, White Kidney Bean extract is well researched. It is logical that the price is low because the supplement is lacking a few key ingredients. The directions for use also unusual and may cause reduced results.

We find it commendable that the manufacturer offers a guarantee but the guarantee is quite short compared to other manufacturers.

This product shows promise but we believe there are other supplements which are far more effective as carbohydrate blockers than this one.

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