Blackmores Cranberry Review

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Blackmores Cranberry Review - For Relief From Urinary Tract Infections
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This review focuses on a natural product called Blackmores Cranberry which contains a high dose of cranberry extract. This product is designed to relieve cystitis and urinary tract infections. We’ve assessed the quality of the product based on its ingredients and the customer service that the manufacturer offers.


  • Vitamin C
  • Dried cranberry juice

Vitamin C is a vital component for a healthy immune system. It has an important role in helping the cellular machinery that controls the DNA to perform its function, especially in cells of the immune system. Taking extra vitamin C might help the functioning of the immune cells at the site of the urinary tract infection so that they can better fight off the bacteria.

Dried cranberry juice contains high amounts of antioxidants, which helps to reduce the inflammation that is caused by the infection. They do this by neutralizing the toxic chemicals called free radicals that are released in inflammation.

An important ingredient that this supplement is missing is D-mannose. D-mannose is a natural sugar that binds to the parts of the bacteria that attach to the urinary tract wall. When this happens, the bacteria can no longer bind and are flushed away by the urine. Because this supplement is missing this ingredient, it has no way to directly rid the body of the harmful bacteria.


Each capsule contains 300 mg of concentrated cranberry extract which is equivalent of eating 15000 mg of the fresh fruit. Adults may take one capsule once or twice a day with a meal and children may only take this product when prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Possible Side Effects

There are no major side effects reported with the use of cranberry extract for the relief of the urinary tract infections. This product should also be safe for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers because it’s from a natural food, but perhaps just to be on the safe side, these customers should consult a doctor before using the supplement.


The price of 60 capsules is around $28 at the time of the writing of this review. This price does not include shipping or taxes, but the manufacturer is currently running a special where a customer can save 40% and receive free shipping


The manufacturer explicitly states that they do not accept returns unless there is a defect with the product. This suggests to us that they’re not as confident in the effectiveness of their product as some manufacturers who offer a complete money back satisfaction guarantee.

Conclusion of Our Blackmores Cranberry Review

Some of the ingredients in this product are quite well considered but it is also missing one vital ingredient to get rid of the harmful bacteria. The price of Blackmores Cranberry is quite reasonable, but the lack of a guarantee makes the product a highly risky purchase, especially considering that the effectiveness is not guaranteed without the missing ingredient. Customers are simply better off buying a different brand of supplement which is guaranteed, and contains all the right scientifically proven ingredients.

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