Gaia Herbs Cranberry Concentrate Review

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Gaia Herbs Cranberry Concentrate Review - For Relief From Urinary Tract Infections
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We’ve examined Gaia Herbs Cranberry Concentrate which is a natural product that is designed to support the health of the urinary tract to reduce the development of urinary tract infections. Many manufacturers of natural products use cranberry extract because of its scientifically proven properties, but not all products are equally as effective. We’ve taken a close look at the relevant facts about this supplement to determine if it is in fact effective.


The only active ingredient in Gaia Herbs Cranberry Concentrate is a cranberry juice concentrate. Cranberry juice contains a number of antibiotic compounds and antioxidants. Antioxidants react with oxidants, which are released by immune cells during an infection, and prevent them from reacting with and destroying healthy tissues. These actions help to reduce the experience of the symptoms of a urinary tract infection.

Cranberry juice is helpful and it works, but just not as well compared to when it is joined with supporting ingredients like D-mannose.


It is suggested that users take one capsule of Gaia Herbs Cranberry Concentrate twice a day each time after a meal. The daily dosage gives a person 840 mg of cranberry juice concentrate. This dosage is slightly under the research obtained value of 1000mg.

Possible Side Effects

There aren’t any major side effects associated with the use of cranberry juice to reduce the onset of a urinary tract infection but certain groups of people need to be cautious. People with a medical condition or pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should consider seeking the advice of a physician before using Gaia Herbs Cranberry Concentrate.


A pack of 60 capsules can be purchased online for $29.99. The manufacturer also offers at three pack option for $84.97. These prices do not include the cost of shipping or taxes. Signing up for a regular order results in a 10% saving too.

Guarantee & Feedback

Each Gaia Herbs product is covered by a satisfaction guarantee. The manufacturer will return a customer’s money if they are unsatisfied for any reason. ┬áThe major problem with this guarantee though is that the manufacturer does not state whether it expires after a certain amount of time or if the product must be returned in the particular condition (for example if all of the capsules have been used).

The manufacturer doesn’t provide a space for customers to post their reviews on their website but when we researched customer feedback on third-party retailer websites, we found that the majority of the reviews were positive.

Our Conclusive Review About Gaia Herbs Cranberry Concentrate

This product is offered at quite a reasonable price and it is covered by a guarantee. The problem with the guarantee is that the terms are not completely clear, so customers are unaware of what level of protection they are actually offered.

We also have some concerns about the effectiveness of this product because it does not have supporting ingredients for the cranberry extract. Although it’s not a bad supplement, there are better formulas for use against a urinary tract infection than this one.

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