GNC Mega Men Prostate and Virility Review

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GNC Mega Men Prostate and Virility Review - For Increased Prostate Support
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This review will look at a supplement called Mega Men Prostate and Virility from GNC. The manufacturer claims that this product is a clinically studied multivitamin for colon health and immune support, prostate health and sexual health support. It is also designed to  fight free radicals through its advanced antioxidant blend.


The list of ingredients in this product is very long. Therefore, we will mention some of the key ingredients. It contains saw palmetto, selenium and lycopene, which are some of the key ingredients to help support optimal prostate health and normal urinary flow. It also contains L-arginine, an amino acid shown to help maintain blood vessel tone and play a role in improving sexual health. Other active ingredients are Folic acid, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Pantothetic Acid, Vitamin D, Riboflavin, Prostate blend, Inositol, Choline, Virility Blend, etc.


As a dietary supplement you are advised to take 2 capsules of this supplement daily with meals. It is not indicated whether you should take them at once or in divided doses.

Possible Side Effects

This product is not suitable for individuals who do not eat fish and soy beans. You are advised to contact your doctor if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or have an existing medical condition before you take this supplement. If you are planning to have a surgery, you must discontinue this product two weeks before having it.


This supplement can be purchased through the manufacturer’s website for $24.99, for 90 capsules. The manufacturer also offers a 50% discount. You can also purchase it from online third-party retailers. The price ranges between $18.82 and  $23.74. Discounts are also available at selected retailers.

Guarantee & Feedback

We could not find any information about the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee, which is disappointing because it is always ideal to buy a product that is backed by a guarantee. However, there are many consumers that have benefited from the product, reading from the reviews on one of the third-party retailers’ website.

Our Conclusive Review About GNC Mega Men Prostate and Virility

GNC Mega Men Prostate and Virility is a promising product for prostate health, immune health, sexual health and colon health. The ingredients contained in it seem to be all natural, and some of them have been proven to be effective for what it is meant for. The price is reasonable, and there are discounts available, which makes the product even more affordable. Some of the consumer reviews are positive, which is promising. However we are worried that there are  lot of ingredients that are good for prostate health, but are not included in this supplement. In addition to that, the manufacturer does not offer any form of guarantee, which is worrying because health products do not work for everyone. If this supplement does not work for you, you cannot return this product for a refund. We are not comfortable to recommend this product to someone who wants to improve their prostate health because it does not contain all the key ingredients to improve prostate health. Rather look for a product that is specifically designed to support prostate health, not one that is meant for many other illnesses as well. Also look for a product that is backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee so that you can return it if it does not work for you.

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