LiveWell Labs Pure Moringa Extract Review

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LiveWell Labs Pure Moringa Extract Review - For Weight Loss and Improved Moods
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Today we review LiveWell Labs Pure Moringa Extract. Pure Moringa Extract is known for supporting your overall health and for assisting with weight loss. It has powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that nourish you from the inside out. Pure Moringa Extract also claims to aids in balancing your hormones and keeping your blood sugar levels in check. The overall benefits include a healthier digestive system, well-nourished skin and a healthier immune system.


Pure Moringa Extract has one main ingredient which is 1200mg of Moringa Oleifera leaf powder. Moringa Oleifera Extract is made from the Indian tree Moringa Oleifera that is well known for its uses in traditional medicine. Moringa Oleifera Extract protects against arsenic toxicity and cholesterol. This product also boasts in the fact that it is non-dairy, gluten free and preservative free.  This dosage is competitive with other brands on the market and we like that it is in a veggie capsule.


It is recommended that you take two veggie capsules of Pure Moringa Extract a day. Both pills should be taken with a glass of water. Both pills should also be taken 30 minutes before meals. It is best to take one pill in the morning and one at night.


The price for one bottle of Pure Moringa Extract starts at $49.95. The more bottles you buy the more you save. If you buy 6 bottles of Pure Moringa Extract you will be charged $40.00 per bottle which in total amounts to $240.00 for all 6 bottles. One bottle contains 60 capsules which is equal to one month’s supply. If you do decide to buy just one bottle to test out this product it will not include free shipping. You will only get free shipping if you choose to buy 3 bottles or more, which seems kind of risky since you don’t even know if you will like the product.

Guarantee & Feedback

Pure Moringa Extract claims to provide a risk-free 365-day money back guarantee on any order that you are not satisfied with. They will refund any unopened product and up to only two opened bottles of product per order. Unfortunately, they also charge a non-negotiable 15% return processing fee that is deducted from the total refund that you will receive once your returned product has been approved. They also do not cover the shipping expenses in transporting the unwanted products back to them.  Given the already pricey cost of the product plus the added expenses in returning the product if one is not satisfied, it seems that LiveWell Labs is not really as confident in this product as they claim to be.

Our Conclusive Review About LiveWell Labs Pure Moringa Extract

While there are some things that we enjoy about this product there are also things that bring about some concern. Pure Moringa Extract has a very simple ingredient list and they are serious about keeping their product 100% natural and preservative free. The product is made in a cGMP certified facility and there are no side effects mentioned on their website. We are concerned about their lack of information about what Moringa actually does and what benefits their product has over others. We also find their return policy questionable which is unfortunate as the cost of the product is quite high compared to others available.

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