Mason Natural Melatonin Review

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Mason Natural Melatonin Review - For Relief From Jetlag
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Melatonin 5mg by Mason Natural is a drug-free supplement promising to aid jet lag fatigue and help you attain a healthy night’s sleep. Jet lag or travel sickness sets in when your circadian rhythms are out of synch. These are the body’s equivalent of an internal 24-hour clock. One of the main components is the pineal gland which produces melatonin, the sleep hormone. Together with the external signal of darkness it induces drowsiness. Anxiety and worry can suppress the release of melatonin, as can suddenly finding yourself in daylight when you are expecting dusk and vice versa. The result is insomnia or a persistent state of drowsiness and fatigue. Your sleep cycle needs to be reset in order to rectify this.


  • Vitamin B6 1 mg
  • Calcium 54 mg
  • Melatonin 5mg

Considering the studies that have backed up melatonin’s effectiveness in fighting jet lag it is not surprising that melatonin is a key ingredient, although the 5mg is higher than the recommended 3 mg. Vitamin B6 is essential to getting good rest, as among other things, it ensures that the nervous system is well regulated and does not needlessly go into overdrive. Calcium is the bonus ingredient here, as it is not often included in sleep formulations. It is necessary for sleep to set in because it contributes to melatonin manufacture.


Take one tablet at bedtime. Take one tablet 3 to 5 days at the what would be the bedtime in your arrival city 3 to 5 days prior to departure. Do not exceed this dosage.

Possible Side Effects

Do not take this supplement if you are a child. First get your doctor’s clearance if you are pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive. Do not drive, operate machinery or do anything in which a state of alertness is essential to safety and in particular do not take this medication with alcohol. Also seek advice first if you are on any medication or are suffering from a known condition.


A pack of 120 tablets will cost you $12.61 on Amazon. There is a 300-count bottle which will cost $18.44.

Guarantee & Feedback

Mason Natural does not sell its products online via its website and despite our research we could not find a returns or guarantee policy. You’d therefore be subject to any returns policy from a third-party store which may only cover defective products. There are scant customer reviews for this supplement but they are positive.

Conclusive Review About Mason Natural Melatonin

Melatonin 5mg has the necessary ingredients to restore normal sleep patterns. The manner prescribed of taking the supplement concurs with how the supplement was taken in trials, to good success. The dosage is a bit higher than expected so it should prove potent and effective even if your sleep patterns have been severely affected. The price is also quite favourable compared to other supplements in this category.

One of the issues to consider, especially if you not only have jet lag but chronic sleep issues is the lack of bulk discount offers as well as any guarantee. When it comes to resetting the circadian rhythm, everyone has varying levels of sensitivity to ingredients. You need to make sure that what you are taking is right for you notwithstanding the promising formulation. You also need the peace of mind that should you need to, you can return the product after having tried it for a few days.

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