NeoLife CoQ10 Review

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NeoLife CoQ10 Review - For Cognitive And Cardiovascular Support
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This is a review for a product called CoQ10, which is produced by NeoLife. This product contains Coenzyme Q10, which is a vital compound present in most organic cells. As you age, your body loses the ability to produce this enzyme naturally. Therefore, it is vital to include a supplement like this into your daily routine. Benefits associated with the use of this supplement include improving the muscles in the heart, lowering levels of harmful cholesterol in the blood as well as being a powerful antioxidant.


According to the packaging on this dietary supplement, this product contains coenzyme Q10, rice bran oil, and grape polyphenol extract. Additional ingredients added to the formula include beeswax, calcium carbonate, and riboflavin. When we first looked at the ingredients included in this dietary supplement, we believed it was a rather good formulation. However, upon closer inspection, we found a few things that were rather concerning. The inclusion of certain inactive ingredients means that it is highly allergenic. We were also alarmed to note that the manufacturers chose to make their capsules from bovine gelatin so it is unsuitable for vegans and vegetarians. Finally, we were also rather alarmed to note that the manufacturer included preservatives in their formula, which you would not find in similar products.


According to the manufacturer, adults should drink two capsules daily with a meal. A warning on the packaging states that individuals who are pregnant, nursing or already taking another medication should consult with their doctor before taking this supplement. Additionally, it is recommended that you discontinue use if you notice any side effects from taking this supplement. They also state that you can take more capsules in a day if you wish to; however, they do not give any indication as to a maximum dosage.


Although you cannot purchase this dietary supplement directly from the manufacturer, it is available on Amazon. One bottle of this dietary supplement costs $69.99. Each bottle contains 60 capsules and should last you about a month.

Guarantee & Feedback

Sadly, we could not find any information on guarantees or returns policies for this product. This indicates that the manufacturer is not entirely confident with their product. Companies who offer guarantees are sure that their products serve their intended use and are thus not afraid to offer guarantees for people who are not entirely satisfied with the product they receive. Unfortunately, there are no customer reviews available for this product, which we found rather concerning.

Our Conclusive Review About NeoLife CoQ10

When we completed our review of this product, we found that it was a good option for people who want to improve their heart health. This product contains a variety of excellent ingredients. Additionally, the manufacturer provides instructions that are clear and easy to follow. However, we were rather concerned about a few things that would make us reconsider recommending this product to anyone. This product contains a large variety of ingredients that are not strictly necessary. Additionally, we were concerned about the high price of this product and about the fact that we could not find any customer reviews for this product.

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