OptiChoice CoQ10 plus Omega-3 Review

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OptiChoice CoQ10 plus Omega-3 Review - For Cognitive And Cardiovascular Support
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This is a review of CoQ10 plus Omega-3. It is a heart health formula with superior bioavailability and absorption of a pure and natural CoQ10 and a high concentration of Omega-3. The improved absorption and bioavailability offers increased support of the cardiovascular system, improves the function of the mitochondria, increases endurance, stamina and energy and reduces the production of free radicals.


  • Vitamin E – Acts as an antioxidant and helps to protect cells against free radicals.
  • OmegaChoice Purified Fish Oil – Reduces inflammation in the body.
  • Natural Coenzyme Q10 – Protects cells from damage and plays an important part in the metabolism.

Other inactive ingredients included in this formula are VESLsorb Microemulsion Preconcentrate, Gelatin, Glycerin, Soy Lecithin, Ascorbyl Palmitate.

There are many harmful and unnecessary ingredients included in this formula which might have a negative impact on your overall health and well-being.

The maximum dosage available for Coenzyme Q10 is 250mg – this specific amount is required for optimal benefits. This formula does not contain the optimal dosage with only 200mg Coenzyme per serving. We also found that there is one key ingredient missing in this formula, namely Bioperine – it assists with the bioavailability and absorption of nutrients and should, therefore, not be left out.


Two or more softgels should be taken with food daily.

Possible Side Effects

If you have a known medical condition, a medical professional should be consulted before using this product.


A bottle with 60 softgels can be purchased online for $39.95. If your order is over $99, you get 10% off, if it’s over $149, you get 15% off and if it’s over $199, you get 20% off.

Guarantee & Feedback

OptiChoice offers a one-year satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, they will refund you for the unused portion.

We found only one consumer review on the company’s website. This specific client mentioned that after she has started using this formula, she had increased energy, stamina and clarity in thinking.

Our Conclusive Review About OptiChoice CoQ10 plus Omega-3

After reviewing CoQ10 plus Omega-3 we found that it might increase support of the cardiovascular system, increase energy, stamina and endurance, reduce the production of free radicals and improve the function of the mitochondria. We found it quite impressive that the manufacturer offers a one-year money-back guarantee.

We find it a bit concerning, however, that there are a lot of preservatives and unnecessary ingredients included in this formula. There are many natural CoQ10 formulas on the market which offers the same benefits and which would definitely be much better for your overall health.

Only 200g Coenzyme Q10 is included in this formula, but 250mg is the optimal amount for the best possible results. Be on the lookout for other formulas with a 250mg dosage to make sure you receive the most benefits. We also found that Bioperine is missing in this formula. It should really not be left out as it assists with the absorption and bioavailability of nutrients.

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