Remedy’s Nutrition Holy Basil Tincture Review

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Remedy’s Nutrition Holy Basil Tincture Review - For Improved Overall Health
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Reviewed here is a product called Holy Basil Tincture, manufactured by a company called Remedy’s Nutrition. This product is a supplement made with Holy basil, which is in the same family as the varietal of basil commonly used in cooking. Holy basil leaves are pale green and slightly hairy, and their taste is spicy and lemony. The herb is used in cooking throughout Southeast Asia (think Thai dishes), and has been traditionally consumed as medicine in India and China. Today, Tulsi can be found growing in every home in those countries, either in a pot inside or outside in the garden, where it is consumed as a delicious tea. The herb is considered sacred in India for its ability to treat the following ailments:

  • Cold and cough
  • Bronchitis
  • Diabetes
  • Fever
  • Earache
  • Flu
  • Low energy
  • Generally poor health
  • Snake and bug bites
  • Kidney issues
  • Skin concerns
  • Stomach issues

With the goal of learning more about the product and informing your product selection process, independent research was conducted on Remedy’s Nutrition Holy Basil Tincture. It is important to help put this product in context of the vast array of herbal supplements available, many of which are sold by companies more interested in profit than their product’s effectiveness. Please read the results below discover if Remedy’s Nutrition Holy Basil Tincture is appropriate for you.


No ingredients, inactive or active, are provided online by the manufacturer. This informational gap makes it impossible to assess the product formula.

It should be noted that this product is not considered a medication, but rather a health supplement.


The product website also does not list any dosage or usage instructions. The manufacturer has not listed any side effects, but instructs users to contact their doctor if they experience any reactions—allergic or otherwise—to the product.


One bottle of Remedy’s Nutrition Holy Basil Tincture sells for $21.99.


At the time of writing this review, no assurance of quality or satisfaction was provided by the manufacturer. This is unfortunate and disappointing, since many similar products carry such guarantees in an effort to provide consumers confidence when trying an unfamiliar product.

Conclusion Of Our Remedy’s Nutrition Holy Basil Tincture Review

It is disheartening to see that this product does not have any form of guarantee that consumers can rely on. Furthermore, it is not FDA cleared.

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