Revitagen Stretch Mark Eraser Review

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Revitagen Stretch Mark Eraser Review - For Reducing The Appearance Of Stretch Marks
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Welcome to our review today of a product called Revitagen Stretch Mark Eraser. We have taken the time to compose the review of the product since we are aware that consumers are interested to know all the details of the product before they purchase it. The manufacturer made the product to repair stretch marks at their source, firm and tighten damaged skin, as well as to reduce stretch mark signs.


The main ingredients in the product are Palmitoyl Pentapeptide, Cocoa Butter, Sigesbeckia Orientalis and Shea Butter. The ingredients help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, as well as promote the elasticity of skin and combat the reappearance of scars. The manufacturer did not mention any inactive ingredients in the product.


If you want to prevent skin breakouts and obtain the best results, you need to speak to a physician before you use the product. The recommended instructions are to clean the affected area. Then, you need to dry the affected area. You should apply the product before bedtime and at the beginning of the day. Massage the product into the skin in a circular motion until the skin absorbs the product. The manufacturer recommended that you use the product sparingly.

Possible Side Effects

To determine if the product has side effects, we checked the customer testimonials and came across some consumers who stated that they experienced a rash on their bodies after using the product.


You can buy the product from Amazon for $19.99. That is not the only cost consumers will incur since the manufacturer did not include the shipping in the purchase price. Consumers do not get a discount on the product.

Guarantee & Feedback

Consumers have 60-days after purchase to return the product if they wish to claim a refund. When consumers send the product back, they need to pay for the delivery of the product. Some of the feedback from customers was negative. Several consumers said that the product does not work. We also found consumers who experienced side effects after using the product.

Our Conclusive Review About Revitagen Stretch Mark Eraser

We have proof that the product does not produce consistent results; therefore, consumers who purchase the product are taking a gamble. The manufacturer made the product to repair stretch marks at their source, firm and tighten damaged skin, as well as to reduce stretch mark signs. One of the flaws in the product is that the manufacturer did not offer a discount. Also, consumers have to pay the courier to receive the product. The manufacturer offered a money-back guarantee, although consumers are responsible for the cost of sending the product back to the manufacturer. We found customer testimonials that show this product does not work with every application. Some consumers also experienced a rash on their bodies. We have seen that consumers are taking a risk with their money and health if they purchase the product, as the product may not work, and they could experience a rash.

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