ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel Review

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ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel Review - For Reducing The Appearance Of Scars
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ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel is a topical gel, that can be applied like a cream, that claims to slowly fade scars from surgeries to burns.  This product that can be used under makeup.  This product is not intended for use on acne scars.


ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel is a formulation of silicons that work best at healing.  There is no more information available.  What type of silicons are used?  How do they work?


ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel is to be applied twice daily,in a pea size drop ,once in the morning and once in the evening.  You can choose to reapply it on parts that can be easily washed.  the product should be used for 12 – 16 weeks.

Side Effects

ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel lists the following possible side effects:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Skin irritation

These side effects can be a very hard bump to overcome for many consumers.

ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel lists scar fading as a long-term result.  There is also a Before and After section that shows various types of scars before and after treatment.  This can seem to be a way to lure in consumers that want to rid themselves of those unsightly scars.


ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel has the following price points:

  • $29.95 — 15g (0.5oz tube)
  • $44.95 — 30g (1oz tube)
  • $84.00 — 60g (2oz tube)

ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel seems to be very competitively priced, however, the lack of information on the size of the product for the price can be very disheartening.


ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel offers a money back guarantee (minus shipping charges) if a consumer becomes dissatisfied or find that it is no longer effective. There is no timeline listed for the refund or guarantee.  This is all the information that is given.  When a consumer seeks to return a product, how do they know when they can or cannot return.  What can they return or cannot return?

Conclusion Of Our ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel Review

While ScarFade Scar Cream and Gel is a good product. However, it not that good because of the possible side effects and guarantee.  This can really be a barrier to a consumer, especially if they have allergies or sensitive skin.  Also, the guarantee, while it seems good, tends to be problematic.  There is not enough information listed to clearly state the guidelines or timeframes for the refund.  There is no information listed as to what allergies should avoid use of the product.

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