Sunvita Peenuts Review

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Sunvita Peenuts Review - For Increased Prostate Support
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Prostate problems could truly be a nightmare to those who are affected by it. With so many prostate dietary supplement out there on the market, it is sometimes very confusing to decide which product will give us the perfect results. In this review, we will talk about a product called Peenuts by Sunvita and discuss all the essential information that will help you decide the product’s worth.

Sunvita’s Peenuts is a supplement that claims to be a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids that helps to decrease inflammation and decrease the number of white blood cells better than any other supplement and is proven to improve conditions such as prostatitis. This product also claims to decrease discomfort or pain of chronic pelvic pain syndrome and help individuals avoid prostate biopsies. This product also claims to be tested and endorsed by physicians.


This product contains a mixture of stinging nettle, Saw Palmetto, Pygeum Africanum Bark, bee pollen, pumpkin seeds and zinc.

Zinc is essential for keeping our organs, including the prostate, healthy by regulating certain enzymes and chemicals that are responsible for its controlled growth.  Stinging nettle and saw palmetto, on the other hand, has also been used by other supplements to keep the prostate healthy.  This product also contains other ingredients that serve as antioxidants which include Vitamins E and C, and garlic which removes free radicals from the body that damage the body’s cells.


According to the product’s label, an individual who is trying to lower his PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) should take 3 capsules per day, preferably with a meal. On the other hand, those who want to keep their prostate healthy should take two capsules daily with a meal.

Possible Side Effects

There were no possible side effects stated on the product’s website nor label, but some people who have tried this product complained of headaches.


This product is available from the manufacturer’s website for $59.95 for a bottle containing 120 capsules. You can also opt to subscribe to their auto delivery program and save 5%. It is also possible to buy a 60-capsule bottle for $34.95. The product’s website also seems to accept coupons and gift certificates but we’re not quite sure where to get them. There is free shipping on orders over $49.95.

Guarantee & Feedback

People who are not satisfied with the product can return the item within 30 days of delivery for a full refund. However, this only applies to closed bottles. Simply contact the manufacturer with your order number, details of the product and the reason for returning it.

This product only got 5 negative reviews on Amazon where it averaged only 2.1 stars out of 5, but as expected, there were some positive testimonials on the product’s website.

Our Conclusive Review About Sunvita Peenuts

This item seems to have promising benefits that it can offer to those who are suffering problems related to the prostate. We can also assume that this product is somewhat safe because it is endorsed by physicians, as what the website claims. Still, the product seems to lack some solid form of feedback from other websites aside from its own. The product also comes with a high price compared to other similar supplements on the market. They also don’t accept opened bottles with their money-back guarantee which makes trying the product even more difficult.

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